Alloting Time For the Word of God ::.::..

Many people nowadays have gone working to and fro to sustain themselves with nourishment, to keep themselves alive. However, they have neglected something: to work for food of their souls. They have been consumed of working so hard to earn more money, and have forgotten to work for the salvation of their souls. Let us recall that we eat to live and not live to eat. We are created to serve God, and at the same time eat in order that we may be able to do our duties for Him. We aren’t created by God to eat. People somewhat have forgotten about God. They will only remember Him whenever they are in some sort of “bad” predicament in life, or if anything bad had happened to them. You seldom see people allot time to read and analyze the Word of God in the Scriptures. You seldom see people listen to the Words of God in the Bible. You usually see them watch soap operas (telenovelas) instead of watching religious programs. Well, I’m not saying that they watch ANY religious programs for NOT all religious programs are worth watching. People should also be aware of what they watch on their televisions. How I hope they will only allot time to hear God’s pure Words in the Bible…

The Bible

 The recommended Channels or medium for listening to God’s pure Words in the Bible are as follows:

I myself have been blinded before… I thank God that he showed me the right path… The Old Path… Ang Dating Daan… Thanks be to God. Now, with God’s help, not only I will allot time for His words… but allot my body, strength, soul and mind to HIS service.


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