The Word of God: Irrefutable, Absolute Truth


The Word of God in the Bible is irrefutable. Every word that comes out of the mouth of God is absolutely true. Whatever He wills happens. No one could make it false… even there are those who try to prove that God’s words are not true… they don’t even believe that there is God. But, as what Brother Eli said, the mere fact that you thought of God’s non-existence proves that God really exists! I agree. Where in the world would we get an idea or a thought about God? Having thought so proves that there really is God… The problem of some who are not convinced that there is God is that they just don’t know how to prove that there really is God… They create more “complications” from their inquiries about God. They might not have read the Holy Scriptures. They may not have heard it either. Or simply put, they just have not understood what is written there many hundreds or thousands years ago. Every Word that God uttered came to existence. Every thing He wills comes true! To know more about our GOD, tune in to The messenger of God in our time is there preaching the pure Gospel of God, the Gospel of Christ in the Bible. Continue listening and later on, God’s existence will be proven to you. And you will know that the Word of God is irrefutable truth, absolute truth. Thanks be to God.


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