From Afar

One of the joys of my soul is the food that flows through my spirit. The food that never decays, but stays forever to those who relish its satisfying taste. From afar, Brother Eli has been the instrument or medium of flow of the Word of God to us. In any point in my life, my soul have never tasted satisfaction until I have known the congregation taught by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible. From afar, from abroad, from outside the Philippines, Bro. Eli has been propagating to the world the untarnished Words of God, the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One will not see the perseverance of a preacher to spread the Word of God without anything from the world in return: you will only see it from a true minister of Christ, one like Brother Eli. One will not see the sincerity of a preacher to find lost souls and bring them back to the fold of God in the Bible: you will only see it to the one like Brother Eli. One will not find a preacher that reads the Word of God in the Bible be it hurting or pleasing to the ears alike: you will only see it to someone like Brother Eli. You will not see a preacher who values the gospel more than his life: you will only see it from someone like Brother Eli. From afar the vastness of this earth, a tiny voice rises… a voice that shouts to the world the pure Words of God in the Bible. It’s a blessing from God that I have been called to this congregation. I need not any other proofs to know, for me to believe that this is a part of the Church of God preached by the Lord Jesus Christ, the congregation I am with, the congregation I belong to. To the congregation popularly known as the “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path). Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts…! Salamat sa DIOS!!

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