Loving Our Workers

Church workers are placed by our God to watch over the flock situated in a particular place. They help our ministers, especially the most sensible of all in our time, Bro. Eli Soriano – the Presiding Minister of the the Members, Church of God International.


They administer church activities to kapatid (brethren) or non-kapatid (non-members of the Church) and see to it that the laws of God are put into heart by the brethren who they look after and help our Presiding Minister in every way that they could to at least ease the burden that has been placed on his shoulders.

Church workers too institute the projects that have been designed by our Church ministers to their respective areas of responsibility to assist in the promulgation of the Word of God in the Bible and at the same time teach the kapatiran (brethren) to also help the one that overall sees the Church in our time.

As observed, being a worker is not that easy. In order to fulfill the tasks that have been delegated to them, some of them leave their native places and live to a place far away from their loved ones – just to obey the commandment of God to help spread the good news. One also needs to be brave enough to handle situations in locales where some misunderstandings among brethren occur. They should not be vulnerable to hearsays against anyone, even against themselves. One must have his full concentration to be able for him/her do the duties and responsibilities alloted or assigned to him/her… and of course, a worker must put into heart all the things he would be saying in the midst of the Kapatiran.

ALL brethren should love the workers assigned to us. They are designated by God to help feed the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ. We MUST love them like our blood brothers or blood sisters or best friends. In every possible way, we make them comfortable when we are with them. If we only know the personal burden they have in they heart, I think there would be no one who would be thinking ill of any worker. Our workers are assigned to our local places by our Ministers-In-Charge and Officers-in-Charge. Our MICs and OICs are designated by no less than our Presiding Minister and Vice-Presiding Minister, Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon respectively. Helping our workers in our places in one way or the other is a way of helping Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel indirectly… I have many friends who are workers and I love them very much. I treat them like my true blood brothers and sisters… most of all, I treat them as brothers and sisters in FAITH. To all brothers and sisters out there in Faith: supporting the projects handed down by the workers also shows support to the one that send them: Bro. Eli Soriano. It is actually our gain that were able to help them. Loving our workers is loving the MICs and the OICs that sent them, and also loving the Presiding Ministers in the persons of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, and also loving the Lord God in heaven that sent them.

Salamat sa DIOS (Thanks be to God), that we are able to see workers who truly work for the salvation of mankind, with God’s help. Salamat sa DIOS (Thanks be to God), for having known such people in my life! WE SHOULD LOVE THE WORKERS SENT BY GOD.


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