My Pal, Bro. Al.



Our Pasalamat Song last September 22, 2007
Pangarap ng Puso (Bro. Daniel Razon Version)
Pangarap ng Puso (MMC Version)

If you’ve seen someone so meek and soft-spoken, silent, “shy,” and most of all Chinese-looking, Mark Bautista-look-alike F4-wanna be, you would have seen (or probably met) one of one of my best pals in our locale in Zamboanga City: Bro. Allister.

Of the seven (7) years that we have been together till as of this writing of my article, I have never met someone like Bro. Allister. You would never forget this person for he always gives you a smile. Mild that is. I have never seen him mad nor angry at anyone. Al never complains whenever a task is given to him. You will never hear from him any complaints. You will not see him with a stern look. He always wears his happy face, and gives you a tap-on-shoulder whenever you meet him.

He too is a talented video editor and a graphics designer! I saw him once create an ad or a video presentation. Whew! Very fast! He could create videos in no time and of course with quality! He is actually one of my favorite companions in the Church whenever I want to give my insights about a particular topic being discussed by Bro. Eli.


In the late 1st quarter of 2007, we were officially made staff members of ADDPRO-Zamboanga. Thank God for that. At least in our small way, we could channel our energies to that of the “gawain.” We too wanted to serve. Since then, we became closer.

Al will be leaving Zamboanga City on the 4th week of September 2007. A sure-sad day for me really. Just the mere thinking of his leaving, makes me sad. He will be with his long-time friend and best friend Bro. Billy. He’ll be leaving for China and plans to live there.

But then, let’s not think of the sad moment of his leaving. Al will always be there no matter what. He’ll always be a brother. He’ll always be in our hearts as those who also left Zamboanga City. Like them, Allister will never be forgotten too. Like them, Al will also have a special place in our hearts.

We are blessed really to have met Al. But no matter where our feet will lead us (as long as we still walk in the old path Christ taught), our hearts will always be one. Our faith will always be one.


To Al, God bless you. We will surely miss you. If ever we wouldn’t be seeing each other again in this lifetime, we’ll see each other in the other lifetime that would be coming. When everything is placed as what God had planned. We pray that we will be seeing each other in a place where there will never be sadness; a place when we sing praises to God forever, a place where God reigns, a place where the Lord Jesus Christ is with us.

Salamat sa DIOS (Thanks be to God).

Good luck, Pal.

2 thoughts on “My Pal, Bro. Al.

  1. hello don! thank you for writing a story about our friendship. despite your busy schedule, you find time to sit down, think of the past and write this story. i really appreciate your effort.

    i’m missing those days when i was an addpro staff there, but i have to move on. don’t worry, if God wills, we will still be seeing each other.

    take care lagi and keep the faith don!

  2. I too shall be missing the days when you were still with us here… in no time in the future if God wills it, I too shall be moving forward… We shall always keep the faith Al! Salamat sa DIOS.. 🙂

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