Zamboanga Grand Bible Study – October 3, 2007

Zamboanga Peninsula launched a “Grand Bible Study” held at the Governor Camins Locale in Zamboanga City on October 3, 2007 to let the Zamboangueños be aware of the truths and the Word of God in the Bible. The occasion started with a congregational singing after which the Bible Study proper commenced. A video of Bro. Eli was played for an hour, tackling about false beliefs being siphoned to the minds of the innocent followers from the false preachers, prophets and so-called teachers of the Bible.

Bro. Eli enlightened those that were present in the occasion, especially the visitors who were later on allowed to ask questions regarding beliefs and teachings of false teachers.

Bro. Danny Navales

In behalf of Bro. Eli, Bro. Danny Navales, one of the MICs of the Church of God International tendered answers for to the questions being ask by almost all visitors who came to the Grand Bible Study. To make the occasion a bit more livelier, Bro. Danny Navales injected jokes to the example he gave in relation to the answers to the questions being asked. After all visitors have given their questions, the occasion ended up.

We thank God for most of those who were asked if they would still adhere to the teachings they are soaked into, they gladly replied “No.” Their beliefs were somewhat changed… they now adhere to what is really written in the BIBLE…

Salamat sa DIOS (Thanks Be To GOD).

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