Our Play Money – A Cool Keep! :-)



Don’t you know that there are two play money bills you could keep (or rather throw away! Hahahahaha) ? Well, you could start ordering these bills for P10,000.00 for the violet bill and P5.00 for the green bill. Just joking… I don’t have anything to do this day and thought of having some “comedy”-stuff in my blog site.

The violet bill’s face is of Eldon’s (mine of course) and the green bill’s face is Jonathan’s. Just for fun, I placed our heads in these bills and voila! New personalized bills!

A WARNING THOUGH! Do not print these bills and do not use these to exchange for commercial goods or some stuff! Hehehehehe…. You could get caught by the police! Uhm…. these bills are not obviously faked, right? Hahahahaa….

Have fun for for this day and Ciao for now!

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