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Podcasting! You want to hear Brother Eli from the PodCast in TalkShoe? Well then, what are you waiting for? Register/Sign up to TalkShoe.Com now and let’s get started! If you’ve registered already, search for Bro. Eli by typing Bro. Eli on the text field provided and then press Search. Before you could start listening or interacting with the Podcast, download first the TalkShoe application for Windows by clicking here. Install it and then, voila! On the results, click on Bro. Eli’s icon or name or any text pertaining to Bro. Eli’s podcasting in TalkShoe.Com!

SUNDAY – THURSDAY (Philippines)
Time: From Around 8:00am to 10:00am (Philippine Time)
Audio Link: Link
Video Link: Link


If you were able to miss the live podcast(s), you are free to download it:

  • Podcast – “Ask Brother Eli: What is the Biblical Way of Using the Bible?” Download
  • Podcast – EPISODE3 – The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE4 – The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE5 – The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE6- The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE7- The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE8- The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE9- The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload
  • Podcast – EPISODE10- The Brother Eli Soriano Truth PodcastDownload (not available yet)

Let’s use technology to spread the Words of God in the Bible, and reach as many souls as we could, back to the folds of GOD! To HIM be the Glory! Thanks be to God..!!

2 thoughts on “Bro. Eli on with Downloads!!!

  1. You are right Bro Eli to use the bible as the basis for tackling any or all issues related to science, medicine, education or anything that involves people. The bible has record of the past, the present, and the future as prophesied in the chapter on revelations and in many other verses in the new and old testament. The things that happened as previously prophesied is an evidence that the bible is the WORD OF GOD, and their is TRUTH in it. While admittedly there are some unbelievers who despise the bible and even GOD in the guise of their having scientific mind, in the end it is always the TRUTH in the bible that prevails when subjected to very critical and logical examination. This podcast of yours Bro Eli will eventually convince non-believers and those who misunderstood or have been misled by the ‘fake’ church leaders. We pray for you Bro Eli, Bro Daniel, the ministers, workers, and members of the TRUE CHURCH, the CHURCH OF GOD International that GOD give you more strenght in body and spirit, to continue with this crusade of revealing the TRUTH of THE BIBLE and GOD, inspite of the threats to your life, health, personal comforts, and the heavy burdern of trying to reach to as many people as possible, against the limitations of time, space, money, and the non-stop persecution by the perverted church leaders, supported by some government officials in the Philippines. GOD has given you the heavenly gift of understanding the TRUTH and the BIBLE, HE will bless you more and more. WE PRAISE YOU AND GLORIFY YOU LORD GOD.

  2. This ‘baby talk’ about a BIG BANG theory as the start of the universe and life has remained a teory up to now, and will not stand scrutiny by people with the same scientifc mind. From a SMALL BANG of a simple fire cracker, a bomb or even the atomic bomb does not generate, but rather destroys life. An explosion results not only in death and debris, but also disorder and disarray [try to explode a small firecracker, or read about bomb explosions, and the dropping of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, imagine the property and life lost]. The exact distances, orbit, revolution, gravity, the atmosphere, climate, and the many other life-sustaining circumstances in earth and the universe is difinetly not a result of an explosion. Alter any of the factors on the relationship of man -to- earth, earth- to- other planets, to- the -galaxies, and it will be a sure death to plants, animals, and men, including these people who claims to be scientist.and disregard the BIBLE.

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