There are many things I regret to have done in the past. Things that seemed quite right. Things what would somehow lead to a brighter side of life. Sometimes, you thought of giving your life for what you believed in. You thought of draining yourself of energy that gives life to you. Risks had already taken. Not just ordinary risks in life. But then, when you try to ponder on these things and these quite did not run as you expected them, you try to think over again if you have done the right thing since. You have been optimistic that things will smoothly flow as you expected them. However, in the other side of it, they don’t. You try to fool yourself that things will somehow go through the flow as you planned them, or as how you wanted them to be. But then again, it was the other way around. I have thought of these things and concluded that things were not as they should be. There are still times when I wanted to push through with these plans. There are still times when hope is being felt. There are still times when you thought of things as you want them to be. There is still a bit of optimism regarding matters you dreamed of ever since. Ambiguous as these statements may be, but I would want these kept ‘ciphered’ as of the meantime. The one with the key might be able to decipher everything I would want to convey. Thanks much for reading. Just pouring out something in an indirect way.

There are no better things than service to the One who created all things. And this I think we should not regret doing.

Thanks much.

2 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. i have something to regret on too. i keep on ponders on it that at times, i am afraid to move on.. it is still lingers in my mind.. but what is done is done.. i must learn to move on… have to….

    truly, huda

  2. We’ll just have to be strong with what life will show us. All we have to do is pray to the Creator that He may help us in the times of our desperations. He should be our Inspiration.

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