A “Pasyal” with My Mother

My mother arrived here in Manila last September 23, 2008, a rainy Tuesday at around 4:30 in the afternoon. We met on the next day at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo along EDSA in Quezon City. There, i kissed my mother on the cheeks so much because I have not seen her for a long time. Together with the sister of my grandmother who already is living here in Manila since the 60s (I think), my aunt and his daughter who was accompanied by my mother here to help them with their papers for pensions, we headed straight ahead to SM Megamall. We took the MRT train at the Santolan Station. It was their first time to ride such a train in their life. We took off at the Ortigas Station and walked our way to SM Megamall via Powerbooks. Then we ate at Food court, SM Megamall’s underground stalls of food chains. After then, I guided them outside SM Megamall at EDSA to ride a bus that would take them again to Camp Aguinaldo for some more paper verifications.

On September 26, after having gone from office, I headed to Guadalupe (near Loyola Parish) and met my mom, my aunt and his daughter and my grandmother’s sister. We rode a jeep to take us to Sta. Ana, Manila to help my mom get her things in preparation for our trip in Apalit, Pampanga. At night, I texted Rommel to prepare for we will be having our dinner somewhere in Glorieta. We arrived home and put the things of my mom to her room then together with Rommel, headed to Glorieta via Pasay-Libertad jeep. At Glorieta, we strolled around for a while then decided to eat at Tokyo-Tokyo where you could have as many rice as you could take in! Hahahaha. Then strolled at SM-Makati. Then head home in Makati for the next day’s affair.

The next day, September 27, at about 3:00am, we readied ourselves for our journey to Apalit, Pampanga, the location of the ADD International Convention Center. it was my mom’s first time to go there… Once there, she said “Home sweet home.” We were seated at the front together with Bro. Dante, Bro. Rommel, Bro. Tarro, Bro. Raffy and some Zamboanguenos. There were also Bro. Andrew and Cs. Genevieve who missed my mother so much.

Sunday, September 28, I treated my mom for lunch at the Trinoma Mall. But before having gone to Trinoma, we passed by SM Makati first to buy a pair of cute and neat slippers for my mom. It was a pair of cute orange sandals. Then headed to MRT Ayala Station to North Avenue station. Upon arriving in Trinoma, we strolled in and out, went to the mall’s gardens, stalls and the activity center (like that of Glorieta’s). We then headed to Taft Avenue via MRT 3 (from North Avenue Station in Quezon City  to Taft Avenue Staton in Pasay City). After having taken off Taft Station, we rode a jeep that would take us to SM Mall of Asia, currently the largest mall in the whole Asia. We strolled in and out of MOA. Went to the mall’s park near Manila Bay and felt the strong winds there as we walked by its pathways. Then suddenly, we came across an exhibit. A Korean Arts exhibit. We moved from one piece of art to another then suddenly, a very beautiful Korean girl asked me about the picture. She could speak a little bit of Tagalog (the basis of Filipino, a national language of the Philippines). She was so beautiful that I started to look into her eyes and tell her what I saw on the painting. Then she told me the description of the painting. PS: The paintings are made of stone powder. And according to what one of the organizers said to me, the one doing the paintings is one of a kind in the world. He is the only one who does this kind of painting (mixture of paste and stone powder made into tiny bit for thousands of times! – as said by him.

Then after MOA, we headed to Luneta Park. I could not believe that I was there. I only was able to read this place from books and now, I was there already. Nice park. Clean (when we went there). Many people… families, foreigners, and children. A happy sight to look at.

After Luneta, we walked our way to Ocean Park! Wahoo! This was my second time around and my mom’s first at the Ocean Park. Collections of marine animals from the different parts of the globe! Very big aquariums! One fish there could be as big as you (or bigger)! Sharks, rays, big lapu-lapu (as big as an adult) and many more. We were not able to feel tiredness because of these sights we saw. We went to Jollibee at TM Kalaw to eat dinner. Then headed back to Makati via LRT UN Avenue to LRT Libertad, then rode a jeep that would take us to Evangelista in Makati City (Bangkal Area).

Having arrived home, my mom fell into a deep sleep. She was tired for the whole day’s date with me. I too fell asleep later on in my room. Monday came and I took her to Sta. Ana to meet up with my aunt for another day at the National Statistics Office in East Avenue, QC and to Camp Aguinaldo. Whew!

2 thoughts on “A “Pasyal” with My Mother

  1. I was just trying to write in detail what had transpired with my date with my mother in Metro Manila. Feel free to read this article. It’s just like an itinerary of our trip. Hehehe. Enjoy!

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