Ocean Park Tour with My Mom

My Ocean Park Ticket
I took my mom to Ocean Park in Manila last September 28, 2008, a Sunday, for a tour in the said Park. There, we were able to see big fishes and marine animals that are rarely seen in common aquariums. You could be able to find one fish as big as you, or a crab that could take the size of your television set.

As you move into the aquariums (you somehow are in a tunnel with big water container or aquariums around you), you will be shown with different species of marine animals found in some parts of the world such as Japan, South America and some parts of Asia and New Zealand and Australia. The farther you move along, the deeper the ‘aquariums’ will be, meaning, you will be shown with different species in different levels of ocean.

Last stop, sharks and Sting rays.

We enjoyed a lot just by staring at these marine animals. You seldom see them that’s why, if not for Animal Channel or the Discovery Channel.

The Park is not yet finished. There are still things to be improved. But then, we already enjoyed much, me and my mother.

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