Talking about feelings (again)

Oftentimes, I have been thinking that some things are already forgotten, things have already been left, things have already been ignored, and things have already been erased from the neurons that are found inside my brains. However, when a simple event is raised from an action that is being listened from an unexpected trigger, everything comes back to what they were. Everything was as if never forgotten, never erased – simply saying, these things never have really left me, nor have disappeared from me.

For many a month now, I have been very busy with work, I have been very busy with much more important duties and responsibilities I do in my life, not knowing that I am still cradling something I thought I have forgotten long time ago. I have been very much wondering why such things come back to me, like the reminiscence of something that had been chained somewhere for a long time, like something that have been left somewhere, and that this something comes back from resurrection.  Confusing as these statements may be, I can’t help but follow the random movements of my fingers on my keyboard to form these confusing thoughts.

Sometimes, I have been wondering if I really have become a different me. Sometimes, I have been wondering if I had gone back to be more than caring again – that is my weakness, if you call that a weakness: to render care to some entity, much more care that I render myself. I have been acting funny lately if I am to assess myself. I have been feeling funny if I am to assess myself.

To some, I am someone who is hard to talk with because of an unknown aura that I exude. Many have thought that I am somewhat a serious and stern person. Many also have been thinking that I am funny to be with, because of an aura that I exude to them. To some, I am someone who is out of bound if I were to be compared to an index in programming.

These confusing thoughts I have, have been strolling through the veins of my brain. I accept that I am somewhat a weird person (to some). I may be stubborn to some… stubborn for what I believe in is good.

This thought I share with you my readers and visitors. Thanks much for your time here.

One thought on “Talking about feelings (again)

  1. hello 🙂
    ngayon lang ako nagkapanahon bumisita.
    I don’t want to assume that i know how you feel but i can say i have to similar situation and still is with this ME. Minsan naisip siguro ito yung mga bagay na kahit mismo sa sarili natin ay dapat nating mapagtiisan. i guess one can’t run away from it as what my series of failed attempts proved me. i guess too that it’s a matter of recognizing that human as we are we have that certain need but it doesn’t mean also that in recognizing we feed it. we still have to come to that consciousness that we are not what this earthly being is, we are more than that. Mahirap kapatid kasi nasa loob mismo ng sarili ang pinagtitiisan, pero nakatutuwang isipin na sa pagtupad mo ng utos ay may ibinigay ang Dios sa yo na opportunity kahit na mismo sa sarili mo upang makatupad ng kalooban Niya. paksa nga di ba, the greatest love is to love yourself at naituro na sa atin kung paanu natin dapat mahalin ang ating mga sarili 🙂 magpatuloy tayo sa Kanya. Salamat sa DIOS.

    ps. mahaba ba? mukhang nagtexto na ako ah 🙂 tsk tsk tsk

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