My Old Shoes

in-apalit-shoes-koWell, I was actually hesitant to wear my leather shoes this day for office. I really had a bad feeling that one of this pair shall be ruined anytime of the day while walking. Well, while I was walking Pearl Drive in Ortigas, the heel of my right leather shoes was torn off! I was a bit shy to actually turn my back and see who else had seen the situation. Luckily (I think) I felt there were none who were there to witness the spectacular sight  (I hope).

While going into the building from West Tower of Tektite (Philippine Stock Exchange – Ortigas), I could really hear my footsteps…with every step of that foot with the ruined shoe! I tried to keep my poise and my balance while walking, and I felt people have not yet noticed my destroyed shoe. Whew! Good.

I texted Elmar and told him that we meet in MRT Guadalupe Station and together would buy a pair of leather shoes in Ayala. We went to Landmark to buy the shoes. We were choosing from among the many brands that were there, and with many minutes to come, I was able to make up my mind and choose a design of the shoes (WBrown, Black leather shoes, size 9).  Well, shocking really. I had big feet – size 9 that is.

About the old leather shoes –  these helped me for the past several months in going to and fro Apalit, Pampanga in Central Luzon, Philippines to attend live Thanksgiving to the Lord God our congregation is worshiping. This pair of shoes also helped me with my official businesses with many companies and Government agencies in relation to my work. This pair of shoes also helped me with my day to day/occasional  strolls to places before going home. These shoes really helped me a lot. They had already experienced the long road of EDSA, the long stretch of NLEX, and many more streets in Metro Manila.

Whew. So much for the old shoes. And the new pair shall continue the legacy the old one has carried on from its ‘ancestor shoes.’ HAHAHAHA.’

3 thoughts on “My Old Shoes

  1. Beforehand, I was already planning to buy a pair because last Tuesday, rain covered the Metro. And rainwater went inside my already-ruined shoes. I got sick a bit and thought I would buy a pair on that day. I got tired and went home immediately after work. Hehehe. 2 days had passed, and voila. One of he shoes gave in. And so I am forced to buy new one. Hahahaha.

  2. spectacular sight you mean?

    btw, mine is also W.Brown and i really like it. i used it since feb 2003 and it’s still alive and kicking until now. it’s black velvet hi-cut shoes and i bought it for only P700 (50% off!) at robinson’s galleria fairview.

    1. Thanks for the correction. Yeah, “SIGHT” instead of “SITE” Whew! Too much online thingy. Hahahahaha. I have been in the web development lately and voila, SITE = SIGHT! Hahahaha. Mine was P1300.00, at The Landmark in Ayala Center in Makati.

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