Painter of the Wind

painterwind(Image courtesy of DramaWiki)

I was researching about Korean and Japanese dramas over the web when I came across with The Painter of the Wind which was starred by Moon Geun-Young (Mun Geun Yeong) and Park Shin Yang. So far, I have only watched 2 out of 20 episodes. Each episode runs one hour approximately.  Moon here was disguised as a young man, a student in the Department of Paintings (or some sort). The Department’s duty is to paint the major events of the country and the royal family. I still have to watch all episodes that I may come up a review regarding this one. So far, with the two episodes that I have watched, the drama was good. Moon was acting great and she is very marvelous.

As observed, Koreans are really attached to their culture. They create movies such as Dae Jang Geum and Painter of the Wind, showing how attached they really are with their unique identity. Koreans values their culture so much, and that is one good quality I like in them. Also, they produce above mediocre dramas, comedies and Hollywood-like movies, be they comedy, horror, drama, action, etc.


Going back to The Painter of the Wind, Moon here has great talents as a painter and as an observer. She has keen eyes for details, and she actually has high imaginations and logically thinks about matters. One instance of the 2nd episode that I liked the most was when Taneun (Tanyuan) gave them an assignment. He drew a 3-point square and told them to use 3 lines, pass all the dots or points. No one was able to do it, and Taneun told them the answer. Since he told his students not to stick to the square alone, Moon let her imagination run free and told that the dots could be crossed by only 3 lines. She explained how this was, and partially convincing Taneun (who might just be testing Moon). Moon was great there.

As of the meantime, I have to watch the 3rd episode and onwards. I only got hooked at this drama for the past hours and now, I am addicted to finish all the 20 episodes. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

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