My Books


These are some of the books I have here in Manila. Well, I really don’t have my own shelf where to place all these books which I bought here in the Metro, so I arranged them on my bed. Yeah, that’s true! I placed my books on my bed. They are actually with me whenever I go to sleep, rest or just in the feeling of reading them. Most of the books are computer programmin-related ones which I bought from different stalls, well of course those stalls that sell cheap but of good quality. Aside from computer programming-related books, I also have Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Italian books, poetry books, English dictionaries, short stories, and grammar books. Of coure, to top all these books, I also have my English-Tagalog Diglot and Spanish Bibles. These books are actually placed on the left side of my bed, on the bed.


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