Learning Digital Photography

Since I bought a new digital camera, I have been reading anything about photography, especially ISO numbers, modes and lighting. I actually love taking pictures, and having read so much articles about ‘beginning photography,’ I learned that having to have a digital camera is not enough to take breath taking photos.  Some of us might just be shooting at a desired subject without considering the ISO to be used, the existence of a flash and the angle of the shot to name a few. Before, I was thinking that a great photo is taken when using ONLY a good digital camera. But then, having to have a good one does not mean that all your shots will be taken/shot with above mediocre qualities. You have to consider many things before taking a shot. Before, I thought photography is just mere shooting of a subject with a camera. It is actually more than that. You have to have an “eye” for an angle to be able to acquire the desired lighting and color of the shot.

I have been testing and taking many shots using this new camera which I bought last 1st week of April. I am planning to buy a book on photography, that I may be able to enhance my “skills” (if I have one) when it comes to digital photography. I love pictures, especially those that are taken by me personally.

Next time, you’ll hear that I am already trying knitting, scrapbooking, origami, and other forms of “art.” Hahahaha. I have been trying things really. But of course, I shall always be a true blue-blooded programmer. That shall never change in me. Photography shall be one of my hobbies, and I will try to excel in this field.

Ready one, two, three! SMILE! Bleh.

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