A Stroll at Old Manila

I was strolling along P. Burgos in Manila from the Bureau of Immigration yesterday and the day after yesterday. My usual routine is to walk from the Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros Manila to the Central Terminal of the Light Railway Transit (LRT) Station. This usual routine lets me walk by the Philippine Postal Office (PhilPost). I decided to take a shot of it from afar, from its fronting plaza with fountain.


The place where I usually eat somewhat is near to the Palacio del Gobernador and the Manila Cathedral. After having eaten one day, I decided to have a walk going there. I took a few shots and here are some of the images I took there:


Then from this usual routine, I decided to take a different path, now along P. Burgos. I never would have realized I would be passing by the City hall of Manila, the part of Intramuros that shows Mapua Institute and the Lyceum of the Philippines, and the Main office of Manila Bulletin (more of these shots later). While along P. Burgos, I took a shot of the City Hall, of which the clock (located on a tower) was under construction.


I headed straightaway to Luneta on foot. There, since I had taken a ton of shots with the Rizal Monument, I decided to take a bud. And so I did. And the picture below was one of the shots I took (more of this shot later on).


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