Baptism of My Youngest Sister

DSC00455_resizeOn June 21, 2009, Sunday at around 3:36PM Philippine Time, my youngest sister, Eleonor B. Tenorio (a.k.a. Girly) was baptized in the Church of God International, currently presided by no less than the most sensible preacher in our present dispensation, Brother Eli Soriano who is currently abroad to propagate the Words of God, spreading the good news all over the world.

My sister, who had undergone all the indoctrination sessions finally accepted the doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ, and was baptized by one of the KNPs (Katulong ng Pangangasiwa) Brother Ato Tobias in Zamboanga City.girly

All praises be upon to our Lord God whom we serve and worship. I thank God for this moment, for all the members in our family finally are members of the Church of God International. I am very very happy for my sister Eleonor B. Tenorio (a. k. a. Girly) for having accepted the untarnished doctrines of the Lord.

Thanks be to GOD! Wahooo!

6 thoughts on “Baptism of My Youngest Sister

  1. Yey!

    Very happy that our ‘langging’ is n0w an official member of the Church of GOD International..

    Thanks be to GOD!

    P.S. N0sebleed si tatay sa English article. Wahaha!


  2. Heloo,

    Thanks be to GOD for his loving kindness.
    Wishing you all the best through Christ Jesus and always keep the faith strong…

    BLOW OUT Naman dyan…..YAHOOOOO….Maligayang Pagbati…

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