Girly: Before, While and After Eating

These were taken last year December 2008 when my sisters came with me in Manila to attend the International Thanksgiving of the whole Congregation we are part of. After having attended the International Thanksgiving, I strolled them around in some Metro Manila places and Trinoma in Quezon City was one of the malls we’ve visited. I decided to take them to Tokyo-Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant which has branches almost in all major malls in Metro Manila.

I was playing around with Ella’s mobile phone, for it has a camera. I haven’t bought yet at this time my current Canon Powershot A2100 IS digital camera which I just bought recently for fun – I am fond of taking pictures. te-he…


01 Girly before eatingWhile we were waiting for our orders (and it took quite a while), I tool Ella’s cell phone and took a shot of our youngest sister waiting for the food and drinks. I had a look at her face and voila! I noticed that she was somehow already hungry and couldn’t wait for the food to be served on the table. The look at her face! Hahahaha. (see picture above)


02 Girly while eatingFinally, the food arrived. The countenance changed. And look at the face! She was happy then to eat for she sooo hungry and couldn’t wait really. Even if she somehow had hard time (although later on she managed), to use the chopstick, nothing could stop this little sister of mine from eating her food. The look at her face – now very happy for she already had something to eat – even with a chopstick! hahaha. (see picture above)


03 Girly after eatingWell, at this point in time, she was able satiate herself with the food she ordered. Hahaha. she was happy to have eaten already. Yup, she was already full. And the food was more than enough for her. After that, we strolled inside Trinoma mall before going back to Makati city, in our boarding house. (see picture above)

This is girly: before eating, while eating and after eating. Hahaha.


2 thoughts on “Girly: Before, While and After Eating

  1. Bleh kuya! Yay lxangan ang article…hahaha..atleast cute at higit s lhat baby face..haha.. Mpwersa!’..charing!..haha..maganda ung article kuya kay maayos ang mukha q..hahaha..tnx!

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