Ayala Avenue, Sunday

I decided to stroll around Recto stores and Quiapo sidewalk stalls today to buy things that might be useful for my day-to-day needs. I spent about 3 hours walking, buying  and choosing the best things to be bought. After having spent some time, I did able to buy these necessary things. Then I rode my way to Gil Puyat via the Light Railway Transit (LRT) from Carriedo Station (Sta. Cruz, Manila) to Gil Puyat (Pasay City) and rode a jeep that would take me to the junction of Buendia and Ayala Avenue. From Ayala Avenue, I took some shots of GT Tower. There images below are shots I took of the building at around 5pm.

GT Tower along Ayala Avenue 2

Then, I took a picture of Ayala Avenue, when there were practically no one walking along the sidewalks, and there were only a handful of transportation. The image below shows the quiet Ayala Avenue (Sunday, 5pm):

Alaya Avenue Buildings going to Makati Avenue Intersection

I then tilted a bit higher my camera and focused it to the buildings, and below is the shot:

Ayala Buildings

I walked quite a few meters away from where I was and voila, I am already in front of PBCOM Tower. If I heard it right, PBCOM is the highest building in the Philippines. Well, sort of. I might have a full scale research on this one. te-he… Below is the picture of PBCOM Tower:


I walked to Dela Rosa Street and walked up to the elevated pedestrian pathways and took a shot of the Enterprise Center, which is located at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue:

The Enterprise Center Tower along Ayala Avenue (taken from Dela Rosa Street)

Then, from Dela Rosa Street, I turned left, and walked Paseo de Roxas and walked my way to Ayala Avenue. From Ayala Avenue again, I took a shot of the Ayala Tower One. Here is the shot:

Ayala Tower One along Ayale Avenue2

Then, I went straight ahead to The Landmark, passing from Greenbelt 4, then I went to Glorieta, then finally to SM Makati. from SM Makati, I bought a jacket which was sold for sale on that day. After that, I went home and had my dinner at a turo-turo which is operated by the Ilonggos.

What a day really. I never strolled again on some parts of Metro Manila for quite some time until now. Tiring really, and now, I am sleepy… Zzzzz….

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