What a day this day

Whew. I woke up very early today for work, then it rained hard – very hard – that it was difficult to find a jeepney to take me to Paseo de Roxas along Pasay Road (Arnaiz). I tried to get a taxi cab, but then all of them weren’t vacant. So, you know what I did? I walked  my way to office from Barangay Bangkal near South Super Highway (Sergio Osmena Highway), crossing the super highway to Estacion street. Then from Estacion Street, I walked near-mile to Pasay Road (Arnaiz). Then from there, I walked until I reached Makati Square along Pasong Tamo (Chino Roces). From there, I turned right to Fernando street going to Amorsolo. From Amorsolo, passed by Gamboa until I reached Paseo de Roxas. From Paseo de Roxas, I walked straight ahead until I reached Villar street and turned left until I reached Valero. Then I turned right reaching my destination: Citibank Tower in Makati Central Business District.  It took me 45 minutes to walk from Barangay Bangkal up to Citibank Tower in Paseo de Roxas (entrance at Valero street). Would you believe it? What a day really. See what a heavy rain could do to an ordinary employee going his way to his office. The map below shows the route where I passed to reach the office on foot:

What a day today - my route today 07-13-2009Click image to enlarge

Whew. To “worsen” the story, I was carrying 2 heavy bags (one for my laptop and the other for some things), one umbrella (which I always carry rain or shine) and a jacket (which I recently bought in SM Makati). It was raining very hard, yet I was sweating peanuts. What a day today really. Bloody hell. The picture below shows the heavy rain in Makati Central Business District as taken from 25th floor of Citibank Tower along Paseo de Roxas:

rainy day in makati 1_resize

rainy day in makati 2_resizeRainy day in Makati Central Business District (July 13, 2009)

2 thoughts on “What a day this day

  1. The Makati skyline looks so dark in your pictures. I guess it rained quite heavily then. But wouldn’t it have been better to take a jeepney from Pasay Road going to Don Bosco, then another jeepney ride going to Makati CBD? Your walk would have been much shorter.

    Anyway, we are now entering the rainy season again, so be prepared with your umbrella.

    1. At that time, your suggestion was not applicable. Baha sa Pasay Road, and basically all jeepneys were full, and only a few went on pasada. The only way you could reach Citibank at Valero is by foot. If not for the flood and the heavy rain, I would have done the thing you suggested. :). I think I said these things in the post – if you read it.

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