Pasyal with Rommel

I was supposed to accompany Meng (or Rommel), a co-boardmate in one of the boarding houses in Bangkal, Makati City, to Pier 2 (Zaragoza Gate) since he was supposed to be designated as one of the programmers (C#.Net) for one  shipping lines in the north harbor area. Luckily, his new assignment was canceled and thus he was retained to his main office in Legazpi Village, Makati City. Since we were supposed to go to the City of Manila I persuaded him to go with me strolling in Makati Central Business District. This was also an idea for me to show him the streets in the district. We rode on a jeepney and took off at Buendia (Gil Puyat Avenue). A few steps walking, my eyes already caught (again) RCBC Tower and the GT Tower along Ayala Avenue, and took some shots from Buendia. The pictures below were the shots I took:




Then we turned right upon reaching Ayala Avenue, and took shots of ourselves along Ayala Avenue:

IMG_4256_resize IMG_4257_resize

Again I could not help it when I see GT Tower International. I took a shot of it from below again along Ayala Avenue still:


Since we were already at the Ayala Avenue and the fact that it was Sunday and there were only a few people walking along the street (and few vehicles on the road too) we took shots of ourselves with the buildings at the background. The pictures are as follows below:

IMG_4261_resize IMG_4263_resize

IMG_4264_resize IMG_4266_resize

I again took shots of the locations including the buildings that stand along the avenue. Here are the shots below:









After our Ayala Avenue strolls, we headed to Makati Avenue via Paseo de Roxas and Valero and there, took shots of the place:





After reaching the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, I took shots of Ayala Avenue to the direction of Paseo de Roxas-Ayala Avenue intersection and Ayala Avenue to the direction of Makati Avenue-Ayala Avenue intersection. Here are the shots:



Then, I took shots of the Manila Peninsula Hotel (Manila Pen):



We then headed to Glorieta Park 4, where rested for quite a time. While there, of course i took shots of the place and us too! Here are the images I took:





There. I actually still have more shots. It’s just that they are too many to upload in this site. Hahahaha. I will be placing those pictures that include me and Rommel on my Facebook account. see you there!

4 thoughts on “Pasyal with Rommel

  1. 😀 ta pasya mga makati boyss..”makati” el mga pyes poreso pasya
    ki pasya..hahaahaha..ganyan kame d2 sa makati…bale mga buildings pati mga kamino pati “BIGAUN” tambien kame hahahaha :))

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