Isang Araw Lang at PICC, Pasay City

4846_1167479499421_1000936003_30532978_4466799_nIt was an opportunity  last night to have seen the ISANG ARAW LANG The Movie, a digital film directed by no other than Mr. Public Service himself, Kuya Daniel Razon through Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International Incorporated, the media entity that holds and manages the Public Service Channel, UNTV 37.

The 4PM batch and the 7PM batch of movie playing at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City was both flocked by many and were satisfied by the movie itself. It was filled with comedy, drama and action, all put into a movie. It is highly recommended for all ages to watch this particular digital film especially for children since there are lessons to be learned here that were based from the Bible. Also, Kuya Daniel’s advices and certain dialogues came from the Bible. The personality you see in Kuya in the movie is really him in real life. The delivery of the dialogues were natural, and one shall not feel boredom while watching the movie, instead burst into laughter in most of the scenes.

IMG_4812PICC Main Hall

I was lucky to have the seat at the center of the big screen at the PICC, eye level to the screen. I got the gold ticket which was several elevated from the main floor at the center. The seat I got was for me the perfect seat at the convention center. Lucky me, I got there earlier. Hihihihihi.

I never actually realized how many there were until the movie ended and everyone flocked outside the main hall. I saw the flood of people who had watched the movie. Upon going outside the hall, I saw the many lines of people awaiting for their turn to watch the movie! I was really shocked to have seen these many people excited to see the movie. I told myself that they shall not regret having to be in a very long line, as I was when I entered PICC. Once inside and once the movie starts, the fun begins and it was as if it shall never end even after having watched the movie.

IMG_4820People after having watched the Isang Araw Lang the Movie, 4PM batch

IMG_4825People awaiting for their turn to watch the movie, 7PM batch

I shall not tell the story here. 😛 bleh. There are many surprises if you watch the movie. Hehehehe.

Good thing Bro. Wilson was there. At least I had company in going home… but before having gone home, we took pictures of ourselves at PICC. Unfortunately, because of the flood of people at the convention center, I was not able to even have a shot of Kuya himself. Huhuhu. hehehehe.



Really, this film is of good quality: morally and spiritually. A good movie to be watched. I recommended that everyone watch this movie.

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