A Stroll to Remember: Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

I arrived here at Laoag City via the Philippine Airlines yesterday, July 27, 2009 at around 6:40PM from  Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 in Pasay City, Metro Manila for an official business with an agency here in this City. It was a bit raining in Metro Manila when I left, and was a fair weather here in Laoag City when I arrived.

IMG_5067_resizeLaoag International Airport

Then I asked for an assistance from the Philippine Tourism Authority help desk at the airport to help me find a place to stay until Wednesday night. The lady assisted me and I decided to stay at the Palazzo de Laoag Hotel along A. Paterno street here in Laoag City. We passed by the bridge, which is the sole connection from airport to the town proper. The bridge is shown below:

IMG_5070_resizeGilbert Bridge, Ilocos Norte

The next day, after having done my work, I rested for a bit and then when I woke up at around 5PM, I decided to have a stroll at the city proper. From the hotel where I was staying, I took a tricycle (one of the common transport modes here in the city), and took me to the Provincial Capitol of the Ilocos Norte province.

IMG_5106_resizeRiding a tricycle going to the Capitol

IMG_5109_resizeIlocos Norte Provincial Capitol, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

From the provincial capitol edifice, I walked to nearby places and took some shots. Here they are:

IMG_5114_resizeThe Sinking Bell tower of Laoag

IMG_5120_resizeA Park in Laoag City and the Sinking Bell tower

IMG_5124_resizeMonument at a park, facing the Ilocos Norte Capitol edifice

IMG_5134_resizeMarcos Hall of Justice, Laoag City

IMG_5144_resizeLaoag City Hall, Laoag City

IMG_5147_resizeA Shrine at the park in front of the Capitol, Laoag City dedicated to King Alfonso XII of Spain

IMG_5143_resizePart of the Park going showing road going to the Gilbert bridge

IMG_5155_resizePart of the park showing the Capitol at the background

I observed something when I was looking at places while strolling at the city proper, something like I saw in Baguio. Laoag City and Baguio City has this similarity – not the cold weather since Laoag is somewhat hot. The streets in Laoag are neat and clean, even those eskinitas! This is one thing I saw in Baguio City and Laoag City. Here are the evidences:






There. See? These streets are clean! so neat. I will till try to take photos of the common streets here, even those with sidewalk vendors. But you know what really made my day? Guess what => Lots of las calesas con los caballos!! Wahh! I like watching calesas really. I took several shots of these colorful mode of transport around the city proper. See these pictures below:

IMG_5128_resizeWow! Una calesa con un caballo en la calle de ciudad de Laoag!

IMG_5126_resizeReally amazing. I have not seen such many calesas going to and fro a street!

IMG_5129_resizeA calesa after another calesa. Wow!


Laoag City, though not yet modern, really amazes me. I will still have more shots of this lovely City. Have a great day ahead.

10 thoughts on “A Stroll to Remember: Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

  1. I remember my stay in Ilocos! We drop by in Capitol to take lunch and you can see calesa everywhere. I especially love Vigan, it’s a great town. Have you seen the windmill too?

    1. How I wish i could go to the windmills… But my itinerary for today does not include that place. I am also scheduled tonight to fly back to Metro Manila. But I had great fun here in Ilocos Norte. I stayed here at Palazzo de Laoag. I think one day, in my own expense and time, I shall visit this place again and shall go to other scenic spots. My stay here was sort of an official business with my work. Hehehe. But I had great time, really.

    2. I remember the city of the solid north in the Philippines it is a nice metropolis in Ilocos Norte nicknamed as “Sunshine City” named after the popular 1970’s pop music/rock & roll performed by British singer/performer Daniel Boone became famous trademark song & theme ballad of Laoag City Ilocos Norte Philippines. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

    1. This is the great metropolis in northern Luzon north of Manila in ilocano means “light/glowing things/luminous object” & became Laoag City it is the famous city in the Philippines & throughout the world. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

  2. Laoag is indeed beautiful…
    However, I really believe that Laoag was not as clean as it used to be when you visited it…Laoag was way cleaner before…

      1. Philippines chartered city in Northern Luzon in Ilocano means “light/luminous object/bright things” & became Laoag City the sunshine city of Ilocos Norte was recognized throughout the world. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

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