Batac and Paoay: Places to Visit

I had fun really the previous day since I already did what were supposed to be done on that day. I woke up very early today at my hotel and readied for the things to be finished, if there were. I sent a text message to my boss if there were still things to be done. He just told me to send the report. Nothing more. My friend here in Laoag told me that  he would be fetching me from my hotel along P. Paterno street. Our first stop: BATAC CITY. My friend is from this place and he knows where he would be taking me. We headed straight ahead to Batac City, passing the Gilbert bridge.

ilocos norte sign boardRoad signs, pointing to our first stop: BATAC

We reached Batac in less than 45 minutes and headed to the ancestral homes of the Marcos here in Batac City. I took shots of the house, which were maintained by the caretaker. The shots are below:

marcos ancestral home 1

marcos ancestral home 2

marcos ancestral home 4

marcos ancestral home 5

marcos ancestral home 3

There were vendors I saw at the side of the house. I took a look at it and they sell somewhat a strange delicacy. They call it tupig (but this kind of tupig is inside a bamboo shoot).  A group of 3 bamboo shoots with tupig inside costs P100.00 or just roughly below $2.00. I bought 3 for pasalubong for awaiting friends at work and boardmates. Here are the pictures:

tupig sa kawayanTupig inside bamboo shoots

tupig vendorsTupig vendors beside the ancestral home of the Marcoses

Some of the adjacent houses there (which still belong to the Marcoses) contain some of the memorabilia of the late President. However, it was already not allowed to take a shot of the “preserved body.”  I went inside and took a look of the glass coffin. Then after 10 minutes, I went out and went inside some of the rooms that contain the things owned by the late President. Here are the shots:

marcos memorabilia 1Table name plate, chair and table of President Ferdinand Marcos

marcos memorabilia 2Me, with the table name plate, chair, and table of President Marcos

marcos memorabilia 3Plate numbers (1 as Philippine President and 3 as Senate President)

marcos memorabilia 4Plate numbers (8 as Representative and 7 as Senator)

marcos memorabilia 5Mallet, Books and name tablets of the late President

marcos memorabilia 6Portrait of former President Ferdinand Marcos

marcos memorabilia 7Portrait of former First Lady Imelda Marcos

marcos memorabilia 8American flag and big portrait of the late President

PAOAY. After having visited the ancestral homes and museum which contains the preserved body of the late President, We headed right away to Paoay, which is also famous for the one called Paoay Church. The pictures below are the images I took on that site. Here they are:

paoay church 1Historical Marker of the religious edifice

paoay church 2Paoay Church tower

paoay church 3Paoay Church tower

paoay church 4Paoay Church tower

paoay church 5Paoay Church tower

paoay church 6Front of the Paoay Church

paoay church 7Front of the Paoay Church

paoay church 8These are the bricks common to all Spanish churches and fortresses in the Philippines. For hundred of years, they withstood the climate and war.

Such a wonderful experience I had here in Ilocos Norte. The province is not that well-developed. But the scenes are breath-taking and the people here are hospitable and friendly. Without fear, I was able to stroll around places in the City proper in Laoag. You hear people speak a very unique language. Similarly with Baguio City, Laoag City has these clean streets, not to mention the ever colorful old mode of trasport, the calesa.

I shall never forget my adventure here in Ilocos Norte. I was only here for 3 days, and yet I have enjoyed much. I even memorized where to go, and what to ride in goinf places here. Until then, AGYAMANAK, ILOCOS NORTE!

6 thoughts on “Batac and Paoay: Places to Visit

  1. Thanks for posting these! I especially found interesting the “royal” portraits of “their majesties”. Goes to show you the extent of their delusions.

    I also like how you featured the Paoay church. Lovely shots of a lovely piece of architecture!

      1. Hey came across this again thought you’d want to know that I finally went to Ilocandia last October and saw these interesting sights for myself!

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