A Letter by President Marcos: On Aquino

While I was looking around the memorabilia house of the late president, I found pieces of documents which were handwritten by President Ferdinand Marcos himself. It was written on March 21, 1986 after his ousting as President of the Republic of the Philippines . He was referring to Mrs. Aquino then. Also, a newspaper in the United States published  some of the statements of the late president. The documents I took pictures of are the actual handwritten documents of President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Here they are, together with the transcript:

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The transcript of the letter is below in case you were not able to read some of the handwritten words of the late president:


Now the black foul deed is out.

Absolute power—not just decree making power—but ABSOLUTE UNLIMITED POWER was after all the final objective.

This was the ultimate sordid plan after all.

Blacken Marcos. Destroy him with propaganda. Even having won the elections push him out from the beginning with charges of hidden wealth and massive fraud.

Falsehoods and fabrications to immobilize him from using the military power under him.

Simple scenario enough.

Then drive him out or kidnap him from Malacañang Palace, the seat of power.

Hidden wealth, torture, insurgency.

Thrive after grabbing power to steal both government and private wealth.

So today the unabated looting of both public and private wealth, each one pointing to the other as the culprit.

Looting by the rich and powerful. Looting by men in uniform. Looting by hoodlums. Looting by the poor.

For the dictator who is no less a looter protects her kind.

The dictator is in full control and the dictator has unsatiated appetite not only for private vengeance but for sheer viciousness and masochism–inflicting pain on others to soothe her poor troubled mind and conscience.

Cry my beloved people. So easily and quickly did we lose the freedom, justice and dignity or self respect for which so many millions of our lives had been sacrificed.

Now we must war again against the monster who imposes slavery anew.

Death, yes—perhaps.


I cry for my people and country.

I was able to find part of the newspaper that referred to this letter. This is shown below:


37 thoughts on “A Letter by President Marcos: On Aquino

    1. yes i know and understand hw they malign pres. marcos. yes do they have done their best to make phil a great country and pilipinos better? I do think so.. sana tigilan na yong kanya kanya at make our country best again . Please noynoy its on your hand how our country and the pilipinos lives better . di sa iilan lang at sa family mo and your kamaganak , Incorporated ! na goal ng mom mo .. ikaw ano ang program mo for us pilipino . pagod na kami sa kakukulong mo sa mga kababayan natin na puro paghihiganti lang. look back what happen tragical demise of your mom and dad . karma na at jan ikaw si kris nagdudusa

  1. this is considerably a treasure of Philippine history. please kindly have it keep safe; for the next generations of Filipinos; for they will be the better judges of our nation’s history.

  2. I dont know what to say,really, Marcos is still Marcos, so as Aquino, both made remarkable service to our country and became ICONS in our Philippine history. However,they have many differences which maybe accounted to their ways of living….young generations today are confused and mislead due to negative points of their detractors…. sana kalimutan nang tuluyan ang mapait na karanasan kahit nakasulat sa mga dokumentaryo ang ilang insidente at mga pangyayaring hindi katanggap-tanggap sa magkabilang panig… huwag din po sanang kalimutan na bawat isa sa kanila ay may mga nagawang mabuti para sa bayan….para sa mga namumuno ng bansa sa kasalukuyng panahon, gawin na lang ang nararapat para makabangon ang bansa at iwasang mamuhay sa alaala ng mga pangit na karanasan ng ating bansa. Mangyayari lamang ang minimithi ni JUAN dela CRUZ na pagbabago at pag-unlad ng bansa kung ang bawat PILIPINO ay hindi gagawa ng LIHIS sa kagandahang-asal. Kabalintunaan ang mga ipinairal noong BAGONG LIPUNAN ukol sa pagbabagong MORAL sa lipunan unang-una sa listahan ay ang DISIPLINA, ang kasalukuyang uri ng moralidad ng mga pilipino…Marahil, mangyayari lamang ang katuparang ito ng mga pilipino kung gagayahin ang ipinairal ni Marcos noon sa uri ng DISIPLINA na ipinairal niya,na sa halip na disiplina ang paigtingin, salitang KUNSENSIYA ang gamitin

  3. Marcos was one of the best Phil president. I am an ilokano, and personally, Marcos did not do anything or did something to help me or my family but we are his loyalist. We saw what he did for his country, now we can see what others did for our country. We all can see the differdnce, ifs a huge difference. Sabi nila nagnakaw, di ba nila nakira ang kagandahang ginawa sa bayan? Sino ang di nagnakaw sa mga pumalit sa kanya, mas masahol sil di b? I guess we have to cocus more on the positive side thanthe negative side of a person, if that person did more good things than bad.

  4. Mr. Eldon Tenorio…..God bless you for being so thoughtful of sharing Pres. Marcos manuscripts.. for everyone to read.. Continue placing to the internet… Do not be scared !!!!GOD be with you to guide you defending Pres. Marcos…

  5. I am 63 years old! I have seen Ferdinand Marcos as president, Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Arroyo, Benigno Aquino III, all of them,none of them can be compared to Marcos, only Gloria Arroyo came close.
    All of the economic gains that we are experiencing are all because of the safety nets put in placed by her administration and were just continued by Pnoy. And for him to take the credits, he must demonized Arroyo! And continue demonizing Marcos and even his son, Bongbong who is running for vice president!
    Only if pnoy continued the planned infrastructures of Arroyo, the mess that we are in now, the traffic, the slow internet, the mass transport problems, etc. Were all gone now, and he can leave Malacanan with head held high!

      1. 30 years past when Marcos was ousted by people power..but for those 30 years NONE of the succeeding presidents came close to the achievements of President Marcos. We have national buildings, hospitals, roads, etc because of him.. After him none dared to even restore nor Build new ones.. Everyone were busy corrupting for their own benefits. If you look around as you travel Philippines form north to south all the iconic buildings were build during Marcos time. His achievement is uncomparable to any of his successors..In fact It actually gotten worst.
        Their are more corrupt
        Government officials, more drugs, increasing poverty, and many more.
        Aquino and the rest all point to Marcos as their excuses to their inadequacies and Idiotic Leaderships. Surely they are not as strong and witty as Him as we have seen he results in the past agonizing 30 years.
        But we are wiser and smarter now and I know we will not be fooled or influence by anyone to choose the future leaders of our time. God Bless the Philippines and the Filipino people..

      2. Thank you sir Eldon Tenorio for sharing such document that can prove how brilliant Pres. Marcos was…. there’s a lot of clamor from few personnality to teach and educate the young generation of the “spirit (kuno) and value of EDSA-1…. but until now, it seems to be noone dares to write and rewrite the history simply because there are documents and proofs that exist, just like what you have shared here….. if everyone will only observe well….. the more negative comments and political attacks being thrown to Sen. BBM, the more the young people getting interested what really happened and how/what our country was during the time of whom tbey call the dictator……

  6. 1 am 72 years old now and hv idolized President F.E. Marcos during his reign during 60s to mid 80s. He was brilliant, selfless, fair & just, compassionate, and most of all his love for the country and its people was greater than himself, for all he did had always been for the good of all. During an election BEFORE the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, I remember Pres. FE Marcos came by my side & my 3little sons right after my husband was shot to death by the opposition in La Union (where we lived at that time), Pres. Marcos immediately ordered his aides to hunt killers & bring to justice, and to look after me & my sons for safety. Becoming a widow at an early age of 27 got my brain in total eclipse knowing not what to do and where to start life. The presence & compassion Pres. FE Marcos bestowed on us at that horrifying moment of our life not only gave comfort & security but also his love for ordinary people such as I. Pres. Marcos has always been in my thoughts as I live, for that compassion he gave served as a beautiful gift and inspiration to move on. Now I have 10 grandchildren & 4 great grandkids.

    I can smile again because I see Bongbong Marcos….

  7. More po Eldon, yanigin mo mga natutulog na Filipino nang magising at malaman nila ang katotohanan, imbes na mga panlilinlang sa sambayanan. Saludo kami at suportado ka sa amin!

    1. I have always believed that the generations after the presidency of Marcos, have been fed with lies. We would have been like Singapore by now, had FM’s leadership continued till now.

  8. Praying for you sir ELDON TENORIO that you will continue what you have started about the positive side of our dear President E. marcos….

  9. I’m 23 years old now, cven though I did not feel the presence of former Pres. Marcos, I admired him and proud of him for what he have done to our country.

  10. walang sinumang presidente ang nakahigit o nakapantay sa legacy na naiwan sa bansa ni PFEM.His son BBM will continue his plans for the betterment of our country and its people.We will never forget you PFEM,you’re the best President we’ve ever had!❤️❤️❤️

  11. The true horror began when Marcos was ousted in the palace.We filipinos where granted by false freedom.
    Ang pumalit na mga namumuno ay puro magnanakaw at mga mapagsamantala sa kapwa at kapangyarihan.
    Ang bumabatikos ngayon kay BBM ay di man lng isinilang sa panahon ng dekada 70 kaya paano nila alam ang mga paninirang sinasabi nila tungkol sa mga Marcos??
    Tandaan…hindi lahat ng itinuturo sa paaralan at yung mga nababasa sa libro ay siyang tunay na katotohanan.

  12. I’m 61 years old and I have experienced how it was during the Marcos administration. His achievements were incomparable to those after him. He was the most brilliant and the best President that we ever had. Everything he did were for the best interest of the Filipinos and the Philippines. He served his country well. I salute him. It’s so sad they painted him black just so they can get away with their own greed and corruption. But nothing is forever, you know. The truth is gonna come out and soon…

    Thank you, Eldon for sharing these manuscripts. God bless you.

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