Offline Mobile ESORIANO Blogsite


Do you want to read the most sensible blog site by the most sensible preacher of the present dispensation in your mobile phone? If your cellphones or mobile phone are capable of installing Java applications, then this is for you.  To download the JAR file of the blog site of Bro. Eli Soriano, follow the instructions below.

1. Click this link ESORIANO Jar Blogsite
2. Now, click the download button found in the page.
3. Wait for about 10 seconds (a timer is shown to indicate the remaining seconds left).
4. If you see the CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS FILE, click it and wait for the download prompt.
5. Save the JAR file elsewhere in your computer.
6. Plug your mobile phones to your computer and have the JAR file downloaded to your phone.
7. Install the JAR file, and wait until it finishes installing.
8. The offline ESORIANO Blogsite is now ready to be read.

You might want to share this file to anyone (brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, office mates…).

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