Porque – By Maldita band

malditaI came in early in the office a while ago in the 21st floor of the Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower in Ortigas Center and took my breakfast at the 4th floor. When I came back to my office cubicle, people there let me listen a Chavacano song which was sang by a Zamboangueno band from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, also in Zamboanga City. Here is a video of the song, and I hope you take time to listen to it. I also included the lyrics of the song. I worked out on the English transliteration of the song. I just did hope that the idea/thought of the song was never lost. Comment on the transliteration if you must. I’d be happy to correct them. Thanks.

VIDEO AND LYRICS (with English translation) BELOW

Porque (Why) was the first single released by Zamboanga City’s local band, Maldita with Demz and Francel on vocals, and Whey on acoustic guitar (rhythms). Other members are as follows: RB (lead guitarist), James (bass guitarist), Mad (Drums) and Jesser (Keyboardist). Video Courtesy of MAD MEDIA WORKS

by Maldita

Solo-solo na mi cuarto (Alone in my room)
Hende ta puede durmi
(I could not sleep)
Bira-bira na cabeza
(In my mind it keeps coming back)
El dolor yo ya sinti (The pain that I felt)

Porque pa contigo yo ya quiere?
(Why was it that I liked (or loved) you?
Como bula lang tu ya perde (Like bubble you disappeared)

Porque contigo yo ya escogi?
(Why was it that I chose you? )
Ahora mi corazon ta sufri (Now, my heart suffers)
Bien simple lang yo ta pidi (What I ask for is too simple)
Era sinti tu el cosa yo ya sinti (That you feel how I felt)

Ta pidi milagro vira’l tiempo (I ask for a miracle to turn back the time)
El mali hace derecho (For this mistake to be corrected)
Na di mio reso ta pidi yo (In my prayer I ask)
Era olvida yo contigo (That I forget you)

Todo-todo yo ya dale (I have given everything)
Ahora ta arrepenti
(Now, I am regretting)
Sobra-sobra el dolencia (Too much pain)
Tormento para vivi (It is difficult to go on (or to live))

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

No tu distorba
(Never bother me)
Y no atraca kay baka (Or even come near me)
palmadia yo contigo (I might be able to slap you in the face)
Nunca accepta (Never accept)
Si tu ay vira por dolor ya sinti (For if you come back, it is pain I feel)

Porque contigo yo ya escogi? (Why was it that I chose you? )
Ahora mi corazon ta sufri (Now, my heart suffers)
Bien simple lang yo ta pidi (What I ask for is too simple)
Era sinti tu el cosa yo ya sinti (That you feel how I felt)

Repeat Chorus

Porque contigo yo ya escogi?
(Why was it that I chose you? )
Ahora mi corazon ta sufri…(Now, my heart suffers)

77 thoughts on “Porque – By Maldita band

    1. Yeah. corny as they say it. but then these situations really are happening, whether they like it or don’t. It’s a reality of life placed in a song.

  1. Ngek. d nga corney. πŸ˜› Era ayuda ta promota diaton lenguaje..Sabe ustedes, si kombersa tu chavacano ki na manila, ta agusta mga manileΓ±os pensaba Spanish kita kombersa.. πŸ˜€ Be proud kita el “Latino de Asia”. Adelante Zamboanga! hehehe πŸ˜€

    1. de verdad se. aqui na manila si ta conversa quita el chavacano, dol ta pensa sila que ta conversa quita espanol. vale man oui el di aton lenguaje. yo, jende man yo puro zamboangueno, pero quiere yo el languaje y ya aprende yo conversa este.

  2. Nunca accepta (can’t accept)
    Si tu ay bira por dolor ya sinti (if you come back, for the pain I feel)

    Porque contigo yo ya escogi? (Why did I chose you? )
    Bien simple lang yo ta pidi (What I ask is very simple)

    -mawalang galang na po, pero ito po kasi yung correct na words kapag i transalate siya sa english>.< Sorry po talaga.

    1. sa translation, you dont have to literally translate word for word…. what is being translated is the thought of the statements. if you have experience in translation, you have have known it. πŸ™‚ thanks for the comment, i appreciate it much.

  3. yah I know..
    but, I didn’t translate it words by words. I translated it based on the tone they use in those words – how they say it. I was able to say this, because that’s how I understand as a pure chavacano>.<really sorry.

  4. i like this song…
    even though Im not a chavacano…
    but I want to learn the vernacular…
    Im very much eager…
    thank you so much on the translation!
    it really helps me a lot on putting feelings whenever i sing this song!

    what’s era by d way?

    1. “Era” is somewhat the “ojala” equivalent of the vernacular to Spanish. “Ojala” means “I hope” or “sana” in Filipino. I came from Zamboanga City and somewhat knew the language, though not that in depth. I translated the song from the Spanish language knowledge I had way back high school in Science High plus the pale-full of Chavacano terms I know.

      Thanks for appreciating the post, Kathleen. Thanks for the comment as well…

  5. I have a trainee who really speaks in good chavacano and now she’s teaching me,.,she impresses me so much that i want to learn the dialect,..i know how to speak a little spanish that’s why i find it intersting..she introduced this song to me and now I can’t get it out of my head…hahaha…thanx for the translation…this makes my chavacano lessons even fun…;)

    1. I am from Zamboanga, and a half Zamboangueno as my father hails from Batangas. I really lolve the language. Whenever we speak Chavacano here in Manila, people just smiled at us with delight and surprise. They just love to hear Chavacano. I too speak Spanish, and I am proud that I also could speak in Chavacano. Thanks very much, Giva. Buenos dias contigo.

  6. buenos dias tambien contigo!,.I’m definitely into it,.,im enjoying everyday of my CCT (chavacano communications training),.I hope to learn it and be fluent in 2 or 3 months time,,.my teacher is very helpful and patient with me,..I agree,coz even I, was amazed when she talked to her friend in chavacano I was like “what the hell was that it sounded sexy!”,.spanish is a bit more complicated than chav. so id rather learn the dialect!hehehe,.,thanx eLdon!;)

    1. Es bueno para oir. BTW Giva.. are you here in the Metro? It’s been a pleasure to know that you’re one of the many people here who just loves to hear our dialect. Me encantado mucho. πŸ™‚ Gracias y muy buenos dias contigo.

  7. nakaka relate…. toinks.,… bakit ung napapa kinggan ko sa FM radio like 90.7 love radio may tagalog sya sa song saan ba un makikita sa youtube? paki post naman po dito favorite ko na kasi nakaka relate ako sa song wahahaha..

  8. Hi guys,
    @nuarj: Ung version po na naririnig niyo sa radio is dubbed as “Porque (chagalog version)”

    @Eldon: the original version of the song is in chavacano, but recently the band released their album under Viva Records. 2 versions of the song are included in the said album. 1 in full tagalog, and the other in mix tagalog and chavacano. pls do buy their album, it’s now available in many record bars. Please do support our local talents. muchas gracias.

    -friend ng band

    1. To Marvin: Gracias contigo tambien por este additional information. Si, ay suporta kita con este maga canciones na chavacano… Pero yo, no hay po yo oui el cancion na tagalog o na “chagalog.” Pero si cosa man, si este estaba na Zamboanga, mi bella ciudad, ay suporta yo con este. πŸ™‚ Gracias contigo.

    1. I cam from Zamboanga City. I am a half Chabacano-Batangueno πŸ™‚ I know the dialect too. This is from the Band called MALDITA. Sikat ya este cancion ahora aqui na Manila… In fact, tiene ya este Tagalog-Chavacano Mix Version. πŸ™‚ I am glad you enjoy this song. Proud to be a Zamboangueno.

  9. i heard this song last January but it was mixed with some tagalog.. tapos i broke up with my BF when i was in my room i turned on the radio narinig ko toh then suddenly cried ng sobra kasi nakarelate ako.. SUPER…

  10. when i started to hear this song, my heart fell. i don’t know why, even if i don’t understand the meaning. and when i’ve checked the translation, it keeps me more bugging.

  11. I haven’t been hooked to a pinoy song for a long time until I heard this in one of my friends Ipod.. Oh and I am so hooked now! all the best for these guys

  12. i never thought it will be a hit nowadays. just the fact that it should be translated in Filipino so that everyone will understand makes it very nice. but they sang better in their native language, but of course!

  13. nice πŸ™‚ liked the song since the first time i heard it (the one with tagalog lyrics). Ngayon ko lang nkita ung full chavacano version nya.. thanks for posting πŸ™‚

  14. Wow! Sa PSE ka nagtrabaho? Can I buy stocks? hehehe…

    Anyway, Maldita should release more chavacano songs. Maganda yung “Porque” ha? Nakakarelate ako ngayon.

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