Passing the JLPT N5: My Experience

こんにちは、皆さん!お元気ですか。 I have been hooked to the Japanese language since High School, when it was taught to us when we were in our 4th year. During this time, very basic Japanese was introduced to us including memorizing the Hiragana, Katakana … Continue reading Passing the JLPT N5: My Experience

OLED (I2C) With ATtiny85

NOTE: Prior pushing through with this article, I advised you to read and visit my article Miniaturizing Your Arduino Projects Using ATtiny85 if you haven’t yet. In this article, you will learn how to set up your ATtiny85 so that it would be ready to be uploaded with sketches through an ISP. In one of my previous posts (LCD Display with ATtiny85), I detailed how LCD is used with an ATtiny85, or in my case the ATtiny85 Development Board. I tried the usual libraries which I use for my OLED with my Arduino boards (Uno, Pro Mini, Nano and Atmega328-based DIY … Continue reading OLED (I2C) With ATtiny85

LCD (I2C) with ATtiny85

NOTE: Prior pushing through with this tutorial, I encourage you  (if you haven’t yet) to visit Miniaturizing Your Arduino Project using ATtiny85, which demonstrates how to set up your ATtiny85 with Arduino UNO and Arduio IDE. I am a bit into programming the ATtiny85 currently, and was looking for some libraries to use for my 16×2 LCD via i2c. I tried testing the current library I had (refer to my previous tutorial : Displaying Text to LCD via I2C Module on DIY Arduino Board), but this does not work with the ATtiny85. By the way, I am using the ATtin85 … Continue reading LCD (I2C) with ATtiny85

Miniaturizing Your Arduino Project using ATtiny85

I am currently creating an “Arc Reactor” similar to that of Tony Stark’s. And I initially created a prototype using my DIY Arduino-compatible on breadboard. Then I decided to use an Arduino-compatible Arduino Nano V3. Refer to the images below: Through some researches I did online on how to minimize components use, I stumbled with using an ATtiny85 chip to be used in the project. And through some more researching, I decided to have the “Arc Reactor” project done using the ATtiny85 Development Board, picture below: I bought these boards from DJ Elektronix (transaction was fast, and the items were … Continue reading Miniaturizing Your Arduino Project using ATtiny85

Displaying Time using OLED And Real Time Clock Modules

The modules needed for this setup are the following: Arduino UNO (or any Arduino board) Real Time Clock (RTC) DS1302 Module OLED (I use the 0.96 128×64 i2c module Let’s take a look at this RTC Module’s pinout: VCC – connects to Arduino’s VCC GND – connects to Arduino’s GND CLK – connects to Arduino’s Digital Pin 6 DAT – connects to Arduino’s Digital Pin 7 RST – connects to Arduino’s Digital Pin 8 The OLED’s pinouts are the following. Usually when a module is using i2c, it will have four (4) pins: GND – connects to Arduino’s GND VCC … Continue reading Displaying Time using OLED And Real Time Clock Modules

Using Distance Sensor in Arduino (HC-SR04)

There is a component which can be used to measure distances by emitting ultrasonic wave to an object and calculating the time it takes for the echo to come back (from the time the sensor emitted the ultrasonic wave. Generally, the echo goes back to the sensor at two times the distance (First distance is from the sensor to the object, second distance is from the object back to the sensor). The speed of sound is calculated at 343 meters / second. If you recall your Physics class in intermediate school (or even college), you know that: velocity (v) = … Continue reading Using Distance Sensor in Arduino (HC-SR04)

DIY Flex Sensor (Bend Sensor)

I have been receiving requests regarding the DIY Flex Sensor (Bend Sensor) that I used on my Robotic Hand project. Well, here it is. Materials needed: Two (2) flexible plastic strips (2cm x 10cm) Two (2) aluminum foil strips (1cm x 9cm) One (1) bond paper strip (2cm x 10cm) One (1) sharpened pencil One (1) 10K-ohm resistor Four (4) jumper wires STEP 1. Prepare the white bond paper strip (2cm x 10cm) and the pencil. Darken the both sides of the bond paper strip with the pencil – as black as possible. See images below for reference: STEP 2. Prepare … Continue reading DIY Flex Sensor (Bend Sensor)

Rectangular Trimpot on Breadboard

I decided to create an article regarding this type of potentiometer: multi-turn rectangular potentiometer, which is similar to what is shown below: As you can see in the image above, you see number 3, 2, and 1. The lead below 1 is for VCC (+5V), lead below 2 is for Signal (usually an analog pin in the Arduino board), and the lead below 3 is for GND. The red jumper wire is connected to the lead below 1. The blue jumper wire is connected to lead below 2, and the green jumper wire is connected to lead below 3. Please refer to the image … Continue reading Rectangular Trimpot on Breadboard

1-Digit 7-Segment Display (Common Cathode) on Arduino-Compatible Board (DIY Board)

UPDATE: I am using a COMMON CATHODE 7-Segment display here. Now, we will be studying how to display numbers (or even some letters) to the 7-segment display on your Arduino-compatible board (I wrote an article on how to create your own Arduino-compatible board which you might want to see first : My First DIY Arduino Board. Below are the needed components for this exercise: One (1) 7-Segment Display Two (2) 220-ohm Resistors Eight (8) Male-to-Male Jumper Wires Arduino boar (or in our case, the DIY Arduino-compatible board I created) FTDI Serial to TTL Module with Male-to-female jumper wires attached to … Continue reading 1-Digit 7-Segment Display (Common Cathode) on Arduino-Compatible Board (DIY Board)

Displaying Text to LCD via i2c Module on DIY Arduino Board

From my previous blog article My First DIY Arduino Board, I have detailed the step by step process on how I created a programmable board based from the Atmega328P-PU microcontroller. From that DIY board, we will proceed with using a 1602 Blue LCD Module to display texts controlled by the microcontroller. Resources needed: Our DIY Arduino programmable board 1 FTDI232 Serial to TTL Converter Module 1 1602 Blue LCD Module Several jumper wires (Male-to-male and Male-to-female jumper wires. If you look at the 1602 Blue LCD Module’s screen, you will see from the top portion of the module the 16 pins. … Continue reading Displaying Text to LCD via i2c Module on DIY Arduino Board

My First DIY Arduino Board

There are a lot of tutorials on the Web when it comes to creating your own Arduino board based from the Atmel ATMEGA328P-PU Integrated Chip. But I decided to create my own “step-by-step” process on how I came up with it – successfully. This is my own way of documenting my work. I will also update this article to include some schematic diagrams. Here are the list of required components to building your DIY Arduino board which I bought from Sun Kist Enterprises ( thru Mr. Mark Rudolph C. Domasin ( (I ordered in the morning, and I received the ordered … Continue reading My First DIY Arduino Board

Our Singapore Trip Journal

Here is our daily journal during our one-week trip to Singapore.  Travel date was December 27, 2016 – January 2, 2017. NOTE: ALL IMAGES IN THIS ARTICLE ARE OWNED BY ME, ELDON B. TENORIO AND WERE TAKEN USING CANON EOS 500D and iPHONE 6 Plus. You may also visit my Flickr account to view some of the images I took from our trip in Singapore: PRE-DEPARTURE AND PREPARATION After the Hong Kong trip, I and my wife Mary Rose decided to have another trip abroad and it had been agreed on that the next destination would be Singapore! So … Continue reading Our Singapore Trip Journal

Commuting to Makati City Hall From Pasong Tamo

From Pasong Tamo, ride a jeepney going to PRC if you are coming from MRT Magallanes Station, Alphaland or Mantrade. Alight at Kalayaan Avenue (cor. Pasong Tamo), and ride a jeep with the signage “Guadalupe” and “Munisipyo.” Tell the driver to drop you by Makati City Hall or Munisipyo. I will be updating this article, to have a map included , with directions. Makati City Hall Continue reading Commuting to Makati City Hall From Pasong Tamo

New Php 100 Banknotes

I was withdrawing for some money from an ATM, when I noticed that the 100-peso bills’ colors are somewhat different from the ones that I had. I was thinking that the banknotes I got from the machine were fake, until I saw an article about the release of new 100-peso banknotes by the Banko Central ng Philipinas (BSP). The top bill shown in the picture below is the front side of the old 100-peso bill, bottom bill is the new 100-peso bill with a stronger violet color as compared to the former: Figure 1. Front side of the Php 100 … Continue reading New Php 100 Banknotes

El Chavacano: Lenguaje del mi lugar de nacimiento.

I have always been used to hearing our local dialect in my beloved city of Zamboanga: I was born and raised there basically. However, having been there for more than two decades, I had not spoken the dialect fluently until I stayed in Makati City in 2008, where I stayed in a boarding with my fellow Zamboangueños. I had to equip myself with the accent and some hondo palabra (deep words) to be able to adapt my fellow boardmates and other Zamboangueños whom I would be meeting then. A large percentage of Chavacano’s words came from Mexican Spanish, with influences … Continue reading El Chavacano: Lenguaje del mi lugar de nacimiento.

Ayuntamiento (Intramuros, Manila)

[Chavacano de Zamboanga] Ya puede yo anda otra vez na Intramuros na ciudad de Manila y ya visita yo el Fort Santiago (Fuerza Santiago) y otro parte de Intramuros. Ya estrana yo que el Ayuntamiento na Intramuros dol ya queda nuevo. Ya puede el govierno de Manila restora el edificio como un oficial edificio antes na tiempo del Espanol. Ahora, este edificio es de Department of Finance.   Continue reading Ayuntamiento (Intramuros, Manila)

DEAR KUYA Opening Theme Song with Lyrics

DEAR KUYA Opening Theme Song with Lyrics NOTE: I still need to get the name of the composer and arranger of the song for CREDITS I listened to the song over and over again, until I came up with an idea of “transcribing” it from the song just by listening to it. And, so, here is the lyrics of the Opening Song of Dear Kuya, a radio program in UNTV Radio ( and 1350kHz on your AM Band). Bro. Eli Soriano is the Resource Person, and Kuya Daniel Razon hosts the program. Here it is: (Dear Kuya, wohoohooo) 3x Pambihira Kuya, … Continue reading DEAR KUYA Opening Theme Song with Lyrics

My Sisters

Such a unique situation when all of your siblings are female. Yup. You’re right. I am the only ‘thorn’ amongst the ‘roses’ in the siblings. And to top that, I am the eldest – a responsibility of which I am truly proud of. Next to me is my siter Elaine. She is almost 4 years younger than me. Next is Ella, almost 7 years younger than me. And the last one is the toughest of them all: Eleonor – girlie as she is fondly called by relatives and close friends – is almost 12 years younger than me. Elaine is … Continue reading My Sisters

December 2009: A Month to be Remembered

December 2009 is a month memorable to me. First, this is the 4th Quarter International Thanksgiving of the Members of the Church of God International worldwide, and I got to celebrate this very important event with my mother, my sister next to me Elaine and my youngest sister Girly. Second, I got to be with my mother and my youngest sister during our strolls in some parts of the metro. We visited almost all major malls and parks in Metro Manila – SM Megamall, SM North, SM North-Annex, Trinoma, Rustans-Shangrila, SM Mall of Asia, Ocean Park, Luneta and part of … Continue reading December 2009: A Month to be Remembered

Early Morning Smog (Pollution)

I went to the office very early in the morning and was shocked to have seen a layer of dark clouds covering part of Pasig City. I thought this was just an ordinary fog however when I took a very close look at it, it was a combination of fog and vehicular smoke. These images were taken from the 21st floor of the East Tower of the Philippine Stock Exchange Center (Tektite) in Ortigas Center, facing east. Shocking really. Very early in the morning, the the sky is already filled with polluted air. Oh what future may our children have … Continue reading Early Morning Smog (Pollution)

Offline Mobile ESORIANO Blogsite

Do you want to read the most sensible blog site by the most sensible preacher of the present dispensation in your mobile phone? If your cellphones or mobile phone are capable of installing Java applications, then this is for you.  To download the JAR file of the blog site of Bro. Eli Soriano, follow the instructions below. 1. Click this link ESORIANO Jar Blogsite 2. Now, click the download button found in the page. 3. Wait for about 10 seconds (a timer is shown to indicate the remaining seconds left). 4. If you see the CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS … Continue reading Offline Mobile ESORIANO Blogsite

Porque – By Maldita band

I came in early in the office a while ago in the 21st floor of the Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower in Ortigas Center and took my breakfast at the 4th floor. When I came back to my office cubicle, people there let me listen a Chavacano song which was sang by a Zamboangueno band from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, also in Zamboanga City. Here is a video of the song, and I hope you take time to listen to it. I also included the lyrics of the song. I worked out on the English transliteration of the song. … Continue reading Porque – By Maldita band

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills. I only see them in books, the Internet and other reading materials. And yesterday, I got to see these beautifully shaped hills with my own eyes. We went to Sagbayan Peak first to have views of the group of hills, then headed to Carmen (where some famous chocolate hills pictures are taken). The shots below are pictures of these hills which I took myself on top of another hill. Here they are: Continue reading Chocolate Hills

Aerial View of Taal Volcano

We were headed to Bohol Island, part of the Bohol Province in the Visayas region for an official business trip. As the Philippine Airline took off from Terminal II of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City, Philippines, I was lucky to have a view of the Taal Volcano from air without much cloud to cover the “smallest volcano” in the world. I never doubted to take shots of the said volcano. Images below are the the pictures of Taal Volcano, minutes after the plane took off the terminal in NAIA 2. Continue reading Aerial View of Taal Volcano

Brush and Shutter Art Exhibit

Mr. Public Service, Kuya Daniel Razon will be showcasing 56 paintings on canvas by Tala Gallery artists, from the original photography works of Mr. Public Service and four more other paintings on different concepts. The gallery will be opened to the public on September 28-30, 2009 at Tala Gallery, 100 Scout de Guia Street, Kamuning Quezon City. Proceeds of the said exhibit shall be for the free college education of the La Verdad Christian College (LVCC) scholars. The map below shall location of Tala Gallery. Click the image below to show a bigger image of the map. The orange lane … Continue reading Brush and Shutter Art Exhibit

Ortigas Center Business District Map

The second most important business district next to Makati Central Business District is the Ortigas Center. I have been monitoring the search strings being typed by surfers that somehow lead them to my site. In my previous post, I placed the map of the Makati Central Business District. Since there were many search strings for Ortigas Center, I decided to place a map of it as well, included its adjacent locations. Below is a high-resolution image of the map of Ortigas Center Business District (1908 pixels X 2088 pixels). Please feel free to click the map to enlarge it. CLICK … Continue reading Ortigas Center Business District Map

Manila Bay Dusk

I always wanted to take a photo of the sunset via Manila Bay perfectly. I mean I need to see the sun set before my eyes on the horizon and capture that moment. Whenever there are instances I feel that the day would be great and that clouds will not be filling up the horizon part where the sun sets, I would take time to go to MOA (Mall of Asia, Pasay City Philippines) and wait for the right time to take photos of the moment. However, never in my time that I was able to take the “perfect sunset.” … Continue reading Manila Bay Dusk

YConCon – The Sequel: Isang Araw Lang!

The Araneta Coliseum was jam-packed on last Monday’s (August 17 2009 7PM) concert dubbed as YConCon (Youth Concert Convention) – The Sequel – Isang Araw lang! Various music Philippine bands participated that shook the venue. Breadcrumbs gave the first number, to be followed by the Play band. The following are the renowned Philippine bands played and sang their respective songs: 1.  Shamrock Shamrock 2. Hammilan and Ms. Coney Yanga Hammilan doing solo Hammilan and Ms. Coney duet Hammilan with Ms. Coney duet 3. Itchyworms Itchyworms’ turn 4. Nina Nina sings ‘Love Moves…” 5. Sugarfree Sugarfree doing their thing 6. Pupils … Continue reading YConCon – The Sequel: Isang Araw Lang!

Zamboanga City Hall

The construction of this Hispanic building started in 1905 and was completed in 1907 by the Federal Government of the United States for the American Governors of the area, which included Leonard O. Wood, Tasker H. Bliss, Ralph W. Hoyt, and John Pershing of World War I fame. Today it serves as the City Hall of Zamboanga, where the City Mayor holds office. It is located right at the heart of Zamboanga City. (Source: Wow Philippines). Zamboanga City Historical Marker Zamboanga City Hall Zamboanga City Hall with yellow ribbon (in honor of the late President Aquino) The Offical Seal of … Continue reading Zamboanga City Hall

At Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City with Dante and Elmar

I came back to mi ciudad de Zamboanga to have my one-week vacation in this wonderful city of mine, also called now as Asia’s Latin City. Dante and Elmar fetched me in Upper Calarian at the main opening going to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Logistics Command (AFPLC) of the Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom). Then at the city proper, we passed by the Zamboanga City Hall, built during the American era. Then, we headed straight to Fort Pilar, a fortress that guarded Zamboanga City from the invading groups of people from different waves. Historical marker Main entrance to Fort … Continue reading At Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City with Dante and Elmar

At Fort Santiago, Manila with My Friend Sir Ruben

We went to one of the government agencies in Intramuros area and visited that agency for something we have been doing for months now. After having stayed for awhile, Sir Ruben invited me to have a walk inside Intramuros of which I accepted right away. I took some shots but was not satisfied with it – there were many students! Then we decided to went back to his car and rode to Fort Santiago of which he also invited me to go there. Sir Ruben, at the Fort Santiago Park, Fort Santiago, Manila Me, at the Plaza Arma Park, Fort … Continue reading At Fort Santiago, Manila with My Friend Sir Ruben

Ayala, Half-Mast for Cory

Sunday, August 2. I went to Ayala to buy pasalubong for my parents and  sisters in Zamboanga City. I passed by the Philippine Stock Exchange plaza in Makati City along Ayala Avenue – a day after the death of former President Corazon C. Aquino. The flag at the plaza was in half-mast, and at the background of the flag pole is a yellow banner dedicated to the late president: While walking along Ayala Avenue going to go to Greenbelt, The Landmark and Glorieta, I noticed that the street was filled with yellow ribbons tied to metal railings along the avenue. … Continue reading Ayala, Half-Mast for Cory