December 2009: A Month to be Remembered

December 2009 is a month memorable to me. First, this is the 4th Quarter International Thanksgiving of the Members of the Church of God International worldwide, and I got to celebrate this very important event with my mother, my sister next to me Elaine and my youngest sister Girly. Second, I got to be with my mother and my youngest sister during our strolls in some parts of the metro. We visited almost all major malls and parks in Metro Manila – SM Megamall, SM North, SM North-Annex, Trinoma, Rustans-Shangrila, SM Mall of Asia, Ocean Park, Luneta and part of Intramuros which is Fort Santiago. Third, I got to buy my first DSLR (Canon EOS 500D) at a reasonable price, far more cheaper than what Canon is selling here in the Philippines (directly purchased from Japan that is).

There are still many instances which I could not be able to write here that made this month soooooo important and memorable to me… and of course, the whole of November 2009 shall never be forgotten, for this was a month that is also carved in my heart… many things had happened, special things that is.

Anyway, I do hope with God’s help, we could start this modern-day calendar with a very joyous and productive one (work-related). Hehehehe… Hoping to see the new year in the Hebrew Calendar….


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