New Php 100 Banknotes

I was withdrawing for some money from an ATM, when I noticed that the 100-peso bills’ colors are somewhat different from the ones that I had. I was thinking that the banknotes I got from the machine were fake, until I saw an article about the release of new 100-peso banknotes by the Banko Central ng Philipinas (BSP). The top bill shown in the picture below is the front side of the old 100-peso bill, bottom bill is the new 100-peso bill with a stronger violet color as compared to the former: Figure 1. Front side of the Php 100 … Continue reading New Php 100 Banknotes

El Chavacano: Lenguaje del mi lugar de nacimiento.

I have always been used to hearing our local dialect in my beloved city of Zamboanga: I was born and raised there basically. However, having been there for more than two decades, I had not spoken the dialect fluently until I stayed in Makati City in 2008, where I stayed in a boarding with my fellow Zamboangueños. I had to equip myself with the accent and some hondo palabra (deep words) to be able to adapt my fellow boardmates and other Zamboangueños whom I would be meeting then. A large percentage of Chavacano’s words came from Mexican Spanish, with influences … Continue reading El Chavacano: Lenguaje del mi lugar de nacimiento.

DEAR KUYA Opening Theme Song with Lyrics

DEAR KUYA Opening Theme Song with Lyrics NOTE: I still need to get the name of the composer and arranger of the song for CREDITS I listened to the song over and over again, until I came up with an idea of “transcribing” it from the song just by listening to it. And, so, here is the lyrics of the Opening Song of Dear Kuya, a radio program in UNTV Radio ( and 1350kHz on your AM Band). Bro. Eli Soriano is the Resource Person, and Kuya Daniel Razon hosts the program. Here it is: (Dear Kuya, wohoohooo) 3x Pambihira Kuya, … Continue reading DEAR KUYA Opening Theme Song with Lyrics