My Sisters

Such a unique situation when all of your siblings are female. Yup. You’re right. I am the only ‘thorn’ amongst the ‘roses’ in the siblings. And to top that, I am the eldest – a responsibility of which I am truly proud of.

Next to me is my siter Elaine. She is almost 4 years younger than me. Next is Ella, almost 7 years younger than me. And the last one is the toughest of them all: Eleonor – girlie as she is fondly called by relatives and close friends – is almost 12 years younger than me. Elaine is a board passer in the nursing board examination last June 2008. Ella is still studying BS Computer Engineering at the Western Mindanao State University and Girlie is in high school at the Zamboanga City High School – West. They are currently situated in Zamboanga City and have been busy with duties in the congregation we are part of.

When you at us altogether, you would not believe that we are siblings. There aren’t much similarities among us. Hehehe. Anyway, they are fun to be with. “Snobs” – the usual impression of people who do not know them.

And since I am the eldest and the only ‘torn,’ I could make them do things for me… Bwahahahahaha! The benefits of being the eldest! Bwahahahaha!

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