At Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City with Dante and Elmar

I came back to mi ciudad de Zamboanga to have my one-week vacation in this wonderful city of mine, also called now as Asia’s Latin City. Dante and Elmar fetched me in Upper Calarian at the main opening going to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Logistics Command (AFPLC) of the Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom). Then at the city proper, we passed by the Zamboanga City Hall, built during the American era.

zamboanga city hall

Then, we headed straight to Fort Pilar, a fortress that guarded Zamboanga City from the invading groups of people from different waves.

fort pilar markerHistorical marker

fort pilar main entranceMain entrance to Fort Pilar

We entered the gate and left my identification card to the guard assigned for that day and went inside the fort. The picture below shows the inside of Fort Pilar:

fort pilar insideCenter of the fort

fort pilar cellsCells inside the fort

fort pilar inner wallInner walls of the fort, under restoration

We were escorted by a guard that guards the place, and gave us special passes to go to the upper level of the fortress. There, I took some shots with us in it. Hehehehe. I just love to see historical places.

the trio

the trio 2

the trio 3

Well well, more images of this historical site, and not us. Hahahahaha.

one of the corners of the fortressOne of the corners of the fortress

old lampOld lamp at the west side of the fortress

fort pilar shrine shot from above, sidewaysFort Pilar Shrine, Eastern side of the Fortress

fort pilar upper cellsFort Pilar upper cells facing west

We again went down from the upper level to the lower ground.

center with lamp postInner center of Fort Pilar with lamp post

a new beginningA plant making its way for a new beginning inside the fortress

the trio 4Well, here we go again. Pose for posterity – hahaha.

We decided to go out of Fort Pilar and went to Pasonanca park. But before we left, I took shots of the walls that guarded this fortress for hundred of years since it has been built until now.

fort pilar corner wall - west sideWestern Corner of Fort Pilar

west wall of fort pilarWest wall of For Pilar

west wall of for pilar with metal fenceWest wall 0f Fort Pilar with metal fences

We also visited the museum inside. But then, we were told not to take pictures inside. (ssshhh…. I got a whole bunch of pictures inside! hihihihi). This fortress, Fort Pilar protected the city from bandits, rebels and invaders that would want to conquer this piece of beautiful pensinsula. It shall be the symbol of the strength of the city, for many years to come, as was in the past.

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