At Fort Santiago, Manila with My Friend Sir Ruben

We went to one of the government agencies in Intramuros area and visited that agency for something we have been doing for months now. After having stayed for awhile, Sir Ruben invited me to have a walk inside Intramuros of which I accepted right away. I took some shots but was not satisfied with it – there were many students! Then we decided to went back to his car and rode to Fort Santiago of which he also invited me to go there.

IMG_5598_resizeSir Ruben, at the Fort Santiago Park, Fort Santiago, Manila

IMG_5471_resizeMe, at the Plaza Arma Park, Fort Santiago, Manila

Once there, we got tickets so that we may enter the Fort Santiago Park first. Adults – 75.00, children – 50.00. The park was neat and clean – and green.

IMG_5434_resizeUpon entering the park, you shall see this!

IMG_5447_resizeFort Santiago Park, showing the domes of the Manila Cathedral

You will also see inside the park some of the canons used in World War I, and some of the Japanese bombs that were not able to detonate during the war. Wanna see these big toys? Here they are below:

IMG_5442_resizeBig stuff, huh!

IMG_5446_resizeBe careful with these toys!

Then, after having seen the park, we proceeded to the main entrance to Fort Santiago. I remember our fort there in Zamboanga City upon seeing this one. Almost its architecture and shape are identical to Fort del Pilar in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. The images below show the main entrance to the fort itself:


IMG_5450_resizeEntrance to Fort Santiago

Once you enter the main gate, you will be petrified by the park that is within the walls of Fort Santiago. This place is called PLAZA ARMAS. Here are the images of the main plaza of the fort:




We then went to Rizal shrine. This is a place where in some things of Jose Rizal were kept. Sir Ruben and I went inside and viewed the thinigs Rizal used during when he was still alive.

IMG_5466_resizeMarker to the Shrine

IMG_5538_resizePainting of the Death of the National Hero, entrance of the Shrine

IMG_5474_resizeMe of course, with the painting.

After the main entrance we went inside a room which contains the things Rizal used, the first publications of the Novels, the original copy of the the novels, his calling cards and many more. Take a look at these images I took inside the room:

IMG_5497_resizeSome of the things Rizal used on display

IMG_5490_resizeAn original copy of the El Filibuetrismo

IMG_5478_resizeAn original copy of the Noli Me Tangere

IMG_5491_resizeNoli Me Tangere first publication







Moving inside the house, we reached the cell where our national hero was detained before we was taken to Bagumbayan (now Luneta). Here he wrote a letter that was placed inside a lamp for her mother. The images below is a marker of the historical place, and the actual place itself where he was detained before his execution.



Then we went to the second floor to see more of the hero’s things he used when he was still alive in Europe. These things are inside a room called, Silid ng Nalalabi (The Reliquary Room). Here are the pictures I took:






Then, we went outside of the house going to the dungeons, originally containment rooms for artillery and gunpowder. However, because of its close distance to the Pasig River, the dungeons are made into prison cells of the Spaniards.



I went to a part of the fort which was dedicated to the 600 plus Filipinos who were found dead by the Japanese. The historical marker tells us that there were Filipinos who died here in the hands of the Japnese invaders.This be the site:



I also took a picture of the place just below the site described above:


I had a look of the Plaza Armas park and took some shots, showing the back portion of Rizal’s statue and part of the dome of the Manila cathedral at the background facing exit.



After having visited some of the sites found in the fort, we headed to the exit (entrance of the fort). As we move towards exit, I noticed marked footprints on the concrete walkway inside the park (inside Fort Santiago which is Plaza Armas). I learned later on that these are the footprints of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, while he was being escorted to Luneta for execution. Here are the images of the footprints:



We went outside of the main Fort Santiago and straight ahead to the Fort Santiago park at the main entrance.IMG_5602_resizePart of the center of the main Fort Santiago Park

IMG_5593_resizeOne of the domes of the Manila Cathedral

IMG_5592_resizePortion of the main Fort Santiago Park

IMG_5589_resizeExit to the main Fort Santiago park, showing Palacio del Gobernador at far background

Fort Santiago is such a historical place where you will learn more about our National Hero, Jose Rizal, and all things that he used during when he was still alive, in the final hours of his life before he was executed at Luneta. I recommend, especially children, to visit this site. You shall feel an aura of having drawn back to the past and experience having in a  place where our national hero stayed before his death.

Fort Santiago. Such a nice place to visit, such a nice place to learn of the past.

12 thoughts on “At Fort Santiago, Manila with My Friend Sir Ruben

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.I am from Cebu City and such historical monuments like this to be posted in the internet is very much appreciated.I am grateful too, that “Old Philippines” is being posted in facebook.

    1. I also went to Cebu two months ago and took pictures of some of the historical sites there, Tessie. You can find it also in my blog here. 🙂 I shall keep on posting historical sites whenever I get to visit some places around the Philippines again. Muchas gracias contigo (Chavacano de Zamboanga)

  2. Nice pictures, galing nako dyan nuon with my GF, pero hindi ko ata matandaan ung mga books, anyways paguwi bakasyon, pupunt ulit ako at kukuha ako ng mga pictures din.

    keep on posting historical places, gusto ko rin ang spanish era! part narin ng heritage culture natin diba.
    keep up

    1. Yes Arnold, try visiting the part of Fort Santiago where books and other stuffs Rizal used during when he was still alive and was about to be put to death. There, you will find more of our national hero’s memorabilia. Thanks too for visiting my site. 🙂 Gracias contigo, Arnold (Chavacano de Zamboanga).

  3. i just went to fort santiago last month also and was able to have the chance to explore intamuros.san agustin museum is also a must see! im glad i made the right decision of exploring historical places during my 8 day trip. i was able to explore old churches, went to calamba laguna to see rizal’s house,ah ride a calesa for the first time to tour the whole of intramuros :). now, who wants to join me next time? 🙂

  4. Nagustuhan ko ng lubos ang iyong mga liktrato! ^_^ Nakatulong ang mga ito ng labis sa aking pag-aaral! ^_^ Maraming salamat! ^_^

  5. thank you so much for sharing these informations. it was a great help on my part in order for me to finalize my history project..Godbless you..

    1. I hope you shall be able to visit it here in Manila… You’ll see other historical places once you’re here for a vacation or education tours. Thanks a lot, Airish. Magsukul kaimu.

  6. thanks! kakapanood pa lang namin ng rizal movie kanina sa klase & hinanap ko kaagad ung pic ng original copy ng noli at fili. salamt sa mga pics! 🙂

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