Securing a Police Clearance in Makati

I and Mary Rose never thought that securing a Police Clearance would be that easy … and fast! – especially when you live in Makati City.

When we decided to get one, we immediately went to a police precinct nearest to us – which would be Police Community Precinct 4 at Evangelista St. cor. P. Santos St. in Bangkal, Makati. Inquiring if a police clearance could be secured from this precinct, the police office told us that securing this document is now “centralized,” and that we should apply for it at the Makati Central Police Station (at Ayala Avenue Extn., cor. Yakal St., Makati City. Refer to the Map below).

Makati City Police Station Map
Figure 1. Map showing the location of Makati City Police Station (Central Office)

I decided to take my leave from work one afternoon, and decided to get a Barangay Clearance (which I would be writing about later) from our Barangay Hall in Bangkal, Makati. After securing the document, we immediately went to Makati City Police Station (shown below is the building’s facade).

Makati City Police Station Facade
Figure 2. Makati Central Police Station

Once we arrived at the Makati Central Police Station, we saw a signage at the left portion of the the building that says “POLICE CLEARANCE.” We asked a guy in blue barong about securing the police clearance – eventually, he was assigned to give the forms to be filled out for applying for the clearance. Clearance form is as shown below.

Makati City Police Station Clearance Form
Figure 3. Police Clearance Form

We asked him about the requirements needed to secure a Police Clearance. He said that we only needed to be in the station physically. Prior to going to the central police station, we already have the supposedly required documents. The only document needed is the Cedula, which you can acquire from the barangay or city hall in your area. Shown below is the one I got from our Barangay Hall.

Makati City Bangkal Cedula
Figure 4. Cedula / Community Tax Certificate

Our names were called out by a personnel. Window 1 would be payment of the clearance which is about P170.00. After  Window 1, I was told to move to Window 2, and decided to get a Police Clearance ID which would require me for an additional P60.00 for the plastic ID. I was directed to Window 3, to have my photo and fingerprints taken. After that, I was called to have my signature captured for the ID.

I waited for a couple of minutes, and my Police Clearance is ready.

Makati City Police Clearance
Figure 5. Police clearance

Waited for a couple of  minutes more, then my Police Clearance ID was released to me.

Makati City Police Clearance ID
Figure 6. Police Clearance ID

Securing a clearance is fast and easy. Our police clearance and police clearance ID were ready in less than 15 minutes from the time we waited at the queue till these documents were given to us.

Just to be sure, please secure a cedula  prior to applying for a police clearance.

I hope this article helps!

26 thoughts on “Securing a Police Clearance in Makati

    1. I think you can. The Makati Central Police Station did not require us to present any barangay clearance. However, you need to have with you your cedula just in case. You may want to call them just in case to avoid hassles, before going there and attempt to secure one.

    1. I already had my cedula and my barangay clearance when I went to the Police Station. The only thing you need is yourself to be there, nothing more. Just to be sure, please secure at least these two documents. They aren’t that hard to get from the Barangay hall anyway.

  1. Thank you Eldon for this very informative and useful info. Appreciate your gesture of sharing with us what we need to know and prepare to secure a Police Clearance in Makati. Carry on!

      1. Ahmmm kuya pwede ko lng po ma itanong sayo Kung pwede po bang I renew ko yung polic e clearance I’d ko n expired po cya last May 11 2016.pwede ko po b cyang I renew this year 2017?

      2. Ok po kuya thank you..ill wait until you renewed yours..and please let me know kuya…thank you for your time 😀

    1. Hi Rey, to be sure, just bring along with you a barangay clearance. Although when asked what requirements were needed when we arrived there, the person assigned to hand over the form to us said that you only needed to be there at the Police Central Station. However, just bring with you any valid identification just to make sure,

  2. Hi there!

    I got mine last 2014. I haven’t had the chance to renew the ID since then.
    Do you have an idea of how much would the ID renewal cost? And, will I repeat the whole process of photo and fingerprint data gathering?


  3. good for you in makati because in paranaque i feel i was cheated paying twice for a police clearance. at the treasury i paid 110.00 for police clearance and then at window 2 asked for another 155.00 for police clearance WITH ID with a receipt from DINGWA TRADING and SERVICES (ano to? may mali ata.)

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