Our Singapore Trip Journal

Here is our daily journal during our one-week trip to Singapore.  Travel date was December 27, 2016 – January 2, 2017. NOTE: ALL IMAGES IN THIS ARTICLE ARE OWNED BY ME, ELDON B. TENORIO AND WERE TAKEN USING CANON EOS 500D and iPHONE 6 Plus. You may also visit my Flickr account to view some of the images I took from our trip in Singapore: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ebtenorio PRE-DEPARTURE AND PREPARATION After the Hong Kong trip, I and my wife Mary Rose decided to have another trip abroad and it had been agreed on that the next destination would be Singapore! So … Continue reading Our Singapore Trip Journal

Talking about feelings (again)

Oftentimes, I have been thinking that some things are already forgotten, things have already been left, things have already been ignored, and things have already been erased from the neurons that are found inside my brains. However, when a simple event is raised from an action that is being listened from an unexpected trigger, everything comes back to what they were. Everything was as if never forgotten, never erased – simply saying, these things never have really left me, nor have disappeared from me. For many a month now, I have been very busy with work, I have been very … Continue reading Talking about feelings (again)

A “Pasyal” with My Mother

My mother arrived here in Manila last September 23, 2008, a rainy Tuesday at around 4:30 in the afternoon. We met on the next day at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo along EDSA in Quezon City. There, i kissed my mother on the cheeks so much because I have not seen her for a long time. Together with the sister of my grandmother who already is living here in Manila since the 60s (I think), my aunt and his daughter who was accompanied by my mother here to help them with their papers for pensions, we headed straight ahead to SM Megamall. … Continue reading A “Pasyal” with My Mother

The Content

By Eldon B. Tenorio September 17, 2008, 1:05PM Eurolink Network International Corporation 24F Union Bank Plaza, Mercalco Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City Philippines Realm of emotions in my aura reigns Spawn of love in the heart remains Superficial countenance conceals this feeling Dwells in me ever since to an entity my longing Orb of my love, dejected but love still is ardent Exuding energy hived till present Radiation of affection persists from within Shall only enamor one being Please bear with me if you can’t figure out what I want to convey here. I myself am confused and mixed up … Continue reading The Content


There are many things I regret to have done in the past. Things that seemed quite right. Things what would somehow lead to a brighter side of life. Sometimes, you thought of giving your life for what you believed in. You thought of draining yourself of energy that gives life to you. Risks had already taken. Not just ordinary risks in life. But then, when you try to ponder on these things and these quite did not run as you expected them, you try to think over again if you have done the right thing since. You have been optimistic … Continue reading Regrets

My Pal, Bro. Al.

  Our Pasalamat Song last September 22, 2007 Pangarap ng Puso (Bro. Daniel Razon Version) Pangarap ng Puso (MMC Version) If you’ve seen someone so meek and soft-spoken, silent, “shy,” and most of all Chinese-looking, Mark Bautista-look-alike F4-wanna be, you would have seen (or probably met) one of one of my best pals in our locale in Zamboanga City: Bro. Allister. Of the seven (7) years that we have been together till as of this writing of my article, I have never met someone like Bro. Allister. You would never forget this person for he always gives you a smile. … Continue reading My Pal, Bro. Al.